Congratulations on being a new pet parent and for marking the start of a very wonderful journey with your new furbaby. As a new pet parent, you’re probably excited, happy, and anxious at the same time, but don’t worry, we’re here to help and we’re sure you’ll get the hang of it in no time! We’ve even collected a few tips for new pet parents like you:


1. Get an ID for your pet

The quickest way to identify a missing pet is by checking their tag. On their tag you’ll want to include: your pet’s name, your phone number, and your address. Make sure you choose quality metal too as some wear faster than others. - Hannah Gilman


2. Find a Veterinarian

In many ways the veterinarian will be your most trusted advisor and the person you'll rely on the most when you have questions. So don't wait to find a local veterinarian you can trust and visit on a regular basis — once a year for the annual checkup, at a minimum. – Petmd


3. Pet-proof the house

Before bringing your dog home, take a look around and put away anything that could tempt or pose a danger, such as electrical cords. - Jeff Noce



4. Buy quality Pet Food

Getting your new pet a complete and balanced diet is vital part of keeping them happy and healthy for many years to come. - Hannah Gilman


Check out our article on how to choose the best food for your pet here.


5. Train early and Often

Practicing basic training as soon as your pet comes into your home is key to having a well-behaved dog or cat later on. Be patient, expect that they won’t learn fast and don’t be quick to punish them when they don’t get it right. - Carol Bryant


6. Create a routine

Try to put together a schedule for activities like mealtimes, walks and toileting before you bring your pet home. Pets thrive on routine, and knowing what to expect puts them at ease and helps avoid behavior problems. - Jeff Noce


7. Socialize

A healthy pet needs to socialize as much as we do. Bring him to pet parties or gatherings where he can make other fur friends. It’s better to start early to make him sociable later on. - Kayiu



8. Give them time and attention

 It is important that you have the time to take your pet outside and provide ample amount of attention. They can’t wait to spend time with you and playtime is bound to be the best part of their day. - Sugar the Golden Retriever