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A Valentine’s Letter to Pet Parents

Dear Pet Parent,

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you deserve to know how much I love you – and here are 14 reasons why!

  1. You smell so oh-so-good.

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When I was still a baby, I couldn’t figure out where or how to do my business. I appreciate that you took the time to potty-train me and buy all my potty equipment, so I won’t make a mess all over the house. Aside from toilet-training, you also train me to be on my best behavior always. Whenever I misbehave, you are always there to teach me and guide me.


  1. You call me silly nicknames.

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I love hearing the sound of your voice, especially when you make up names and look at me like you just want to squish and cuddle with me all day. This shows how playful and sweet you are with me. I can’t really speak like you do, but whenever you hear me bark or purr, know that I’m secretly calling your nickname, too!


  1. You play with me.


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I have a lot of energy for playtime and require daily exercise, but even when you come home after a a long day, you still manage to find the time to play with and take me out for a walk. I know you do this because you always want what’s best for me. This is why I don’t mind waiting all day just for you to come home. Bonding moments with you are the ones I live for!


  1. You look after my health.

I’ve never missed a single vet visit, thanks to you. I admit that I still get scared and stressed each time we go to the Vet’s office, but I feel so much better with you holding and comforting me whenever I have to get vaccinated or when someone pokes around my body. I know that my health is your top priority, and I will always be grateful for it.


  1. You love me unconditionally.

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The best thing in this world is your unconditional love. No matter what, you always have my back, and I will always have yours. Thank you for all the things you continuously do for me.


To more unforgettable moments with you, my Pet Parent. Happy Valentine’s Day!



Your Furbaby





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