Dog walking takes time, effort and most importantly, love, from pet parents to prepare and go on quality walks with their furbaby. This simple activity is mutually beneficial for both pets and pet parents and should be done on a daily basis. Learn the 5 benefits of walking your furbaby here.

1. Strengthens Bond

Dog walking strengthens a bond between the pet parent and the pet. Spending quality time together during walks creates a foundation for a strong and trusting relationship.

By being prepared and having accessories such as a dog walking harness or a proper dog walking leash, you show your furbaby that you’re in this walk together. Play games and go on adventures to make your experience memorable!



2. Improves Socialization

Sometimes, it’s not the long and good distance to walk your dog that matters, but where you take him. Go for parks and spaces that encourage socialization too!

Socialization is important, not only for humans, but furbabies too. Like humans, furbabies need exposure to other people, animals and environments to explore and learn more about the things they enjoy and don’t enjoy. Plus, it makes them more confident and less afraid to make friends! How cute would it be to see your furbaby with friends?

In turn, these collective experiences teach them to trust others and be comfortable with other types of environments. Some effects of not walking your dog include hiding or excessive barking, among others.

Through good dog walking experiences, you’ll find your furbaby enjoying the company of others and see the excitement in him when you’re about to step out. Some furbabies get uber excited when they see signals such as their harness or leash or hear you say: “we’re going out”, and they immediately run to the door.


3. Promotes Physical Health

There’s no double that walking promotes good health. Exercise is a must for pets, regardless of age, size and breed. The only thing that will vary is how far and how long they should be walked for. 

There are many health benefits to dog walking, which are not limited to pets alone, such as:

  • Management and reduction of blood sugar levels
  • Management of joint and muscle pain
  • Improves digestive system
  • Improves balance

Who knew that for one hour a day, you and your furbaby could keep the doctor away? Fight your laziness and go on that quick walk.


4. Improves Mental Behavior

Dog walking is considered an engaging activity that stimulates the mind. Mental health benefits of dog walking include:  

  • Decreases destructive behavior
    • Dog walking is most beneficial to furbabies who love to bite, chew and dig furniture and objects. It is likely that he’s bored and has nothing better to do with his energy.
  • Reduces hyperactivity
    • Getting an apt amount of time for dog walking helps use up pent up energy and be calm when needed, especially at night.
  • Controls Unruliness
    • Regular dog walking curbs unruly behavior like jumping on people and furniture because they now a way to release pent up energy.
  • Eliminates attention-seeking behavior
    • Dog walking gives you and your furbaby to spend one-on-one time with each other, which will result in the decrease of barking and whining.
  • Promotes happiness
    • Dog walking boosts serotonin, commonly known as the “feel-good chemical” that are triggered by mood-elevating elements like fresh air and nature.


5. Promotes a Sense of Community

Would you believe that walking your dog isn’t just beneficial for you and your furbaby, but the community at large too? According to research undertaken by the University of Western Australia has found that dog owners were more likely to:

Acknowledge and greet other people in the street

Exchange favors with neighbors

Meet neighbors.

Treasure the daily walks with your furbaby to bond and enjoy your surroundings. These benefits don’t just happen overnight, so make dog walking a habit that you can’t live without. You and your furbaby will have a stronger and better relationship because of it. Don’t forget to enjoy the walk!


6. Benefits Pet Parents, too!

Being a pet parent is a real challenge, but the fulfillment and the rewards are a hundred-fold over! Research finds that dog walking improves one’s self-esteem, decrease stress blood pressure and stress, and makes people perceive you as friendly and approachable. Pet parenting truly teaches one how to love unconditionally and to provide only the best of the best!

For your personal convenience while dog walking, choose quality made dog walking leashes,harnesses and even a belt that stores all the things your furbaby will need during the walk.




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