So, your pooch loves giving your sloppy kisses every time he finds you? It’s always a sweet thing to receive such affection—but not if your dog’s breath stinks!



Oral health is as important as any aspect for your pet’s health. The effort you put in choosing the right food to feed him in his bowl should be the same when taking care of his pearly whites. After all, seeing your dog smile and stay happy is a priceless thing, so make sure you maintain that nice grin on his face!


With all the options out there, what should pet parents go for? Why, it’s the natural route, if you ask us!


Cleaning your canine buddy’s teeth the natural way is easy, with the right tools and tricks on hand. Take your canine’s oral health a notch up higher with these tips!


  1. Start early and make brushing a habit! The best time to start the brushing habit is when he’s still a puppy. Make him get used to tooth cleaning sessions until he adapted it to his daily routine!


  1. Get a good oral kit. Find a good dog toothbrush, your choice of dog toothpaste, and dental wipes. Getting a Tripet EZ Dog dental kit is the best start to leave your dog’s teeth and mouth in its freshest!


Tripet EZ Dog dental kit


  1. Consider your choice of dog food and treats. There are dog food and treats specifically formulated to care for your furry baby’s oral health. Read the labels before you buy!


  1. Go for dog chews. Yes, that habit of your dog’s is actually essential for him to maintain good teeth, as it scarps off plaque stuck in between his tush. Avoid the mess at home without sacrificing your dog’s oral health by getting him tasty dog dental treats.


Greenies Dental Treat


  1. Visit your vet. Like humans, dogs need their annual dental appointments, too! Schedule a yearly dental check up for your dog and have them cleaned. Drop by the vet office as well once you notice a possible oral disease, ASAP.