Using a pet bone health guide is not as simple as using a pet skin and coat guide. Pet bone health benefits come from a range of sources, from nutritious food to exercise. Healthy bones for puppies and kittens are just important in adult pets. Caring for their bone health at an early age will increase health benefits in the long run – healthier, fuller and longer lives.


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Pet bone health problems are less evident and more challenging to manage for obvious reasons – the bones are not seen on the outside. Some common health related illnesses to watch out for: arthritis, bone fractures and hip dysplasia Unless they are limping and can’t get up, you won’t really know until you get an x-ray.


Wondering what to give pets for bone health care? Here’s what you need to include in your pet bone health kit for you and your furbaby.


Bone Health: How to Strengthen Your Pets

  1. High-quality food


Feed your furbaby high-quality food that are all-natural and organic. But don’t be fooled, read pet food labels to see the full list of ingredients. It’s worth the time and effort! This way, you’ll know if the pet food you are eyeing contains the specific nutritional value your furbaby needs. By providing high-quality pet food, you will help your furbaby’s body maintain a strong muscular-skeletal structure that will help him stay happy, healthy and active.


Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter if you’re feeding the right quantity. If you feed your furbaby cheap food that contain little to zero nutritional value, he won’t grow and develop to reach his maximum potential. This does not only refer to pet bone health benefits, but his overall health and well-being too!


  1. Food Quantity

Giving too much and too little also matter!  Feeding nutritionally balanced meals require giving the right amount depending on your furbaby’s age, weight and size. It’s important that you determine the right food amount to avoid your furbaby from becoming malnourished or obese.

Imagine how difficult it would be for your furbaby to roam around, exercise and play if he doesn’t have enough food to function. It would also be difficult if he had too much! Any of these two situations will result to one scenario – your furbaby lying around, feeling lousy all day. It’s not good for pet bone health care at all!

Feeding the right quantity does not only benefit his size, but his growth too. Your furbaby should be growing at the right pace in height and size to avoid pet bone health problems. You don’t want him to develop joint problems early because he grew in height or size too fast.

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  1. Keep your furbaby active

Your goal with your furbaby: BE CONSISTENT! Indoor and outdoor exercises and playtime activities are a must-do for all furbabies to support pet bone health care, regardless of breed, size, or any other excuse you might have. An active lifestyle is a must.  

It’s as simple as going for a regular walk or run with your furbaby. Let him walk, jump, run and play games to keep him fit and to stimulate his mind with your commands. You can bring toys suitable for outdoors and the weather condition.

Don’t let the rain keep you and your furbaby down. There are many indoor activities and games you can engage in such as fetch, tug-o-war, treat trails and many others. These will do for the mea

If you don’t have enough time to help your furbaby, join pet support groups, setup playdates or enroll him in classes. Ignoring the need for an active lifestyle will only put your and your furbaby in a rut – leaving you with pet bone health problems and other health issues.

The key to an active lifestyle: positive reinforcement. Bring treats, tell him he’s been good and pat him to let him. Chances are, he’ll be good again because he knows it makes you happy. 


  1. Vitamins and minerals

What to give pets for bone health supplements? Supporting your furbaby with food is one thing, but knowing what vitamins and minerals he needs for pet bone health care is another. Here are vitamins and minerals that can help you achieve your goals:


  • Strengthens joints and bones
  • Strengthens and repairs cartilage


  • Building block for bone growth and regeneration
  • Helps body contract its muscles
  • Supports proper nerve transmission and blood clotting

Vitamin D

  • Helps absorb calcium
  • Promotes bone regrowth


  • Supports healthy bones
  • Aids in calcium metabolism
  • Supports the nervous system
  • Aids in cellular repair
  • Improves digestion


  • Absorb and retain calcium to support bone health
  • Converts calcium in the blood used for muscle and nerve function
  • Support central nervous system and cardiovascular health


Although these cat and dog vitamins for strong bones, as well as minerals, are important, it’s best to consult veterinarian beforehand. You don’t want to be giving your furbaby something he doesn’t need.


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Maintaining a strong and healthy skeletal system will be beneficial for his function and movement for a long and happy life. Now that you know what to give pets for bone health care, start planning your furbaby’s nutritional and physical needs.

This pet bone health kit only aims to inform and educate. There are more to know about pet bone health benefits and pet bone health problems that are more suited for your furbaby. Before making any changes to your furbaby’s diet and supplements, consult your veterinarian.