What better way to start the New Year than by checking if your pet is healthy? Being proactive with your furbabies health is much better than reacting to a sickness. An annual checkup is the best way for spotting and preventing problems that can potentially be more harmful and expensive to treat. According to healthypetcheckup.org, pets age faster than we do. 1 human year is much longer in doggy and kitty time, so an annual checkup for them, is like us taking one every 5 years. Even if your pet seems healthy, keep in mind that they have evolved to hide their pain and sickness.

Here are the things you can expect when taking your pet to the vet, from nose to tail:


Remember, during your pets annual checkup, now is the perfect time to ask all your questions.  Vaccines, neutering, behavior, food & supplements, and preventive care should all be clarified. Keep those tails happy and healthy, and you’ll surely have a pet with a long and happy life!