One of the best things about having cat furbabies is knowing they can go on smelling just fine for days, weeks, maybe even months without being given a bath. Cat furbabies are generally good at grooming themselves. They use their barbed tongue to clean their coats on their own. This means pet parents need not worry too much about keeping them clean all the time. In order to know how frequent cat furbabies need to be given a bath, below are some things to consider.

  1. Grooming Behavior – It is important to observe if your cat furbaby grooms herself efficiently. This means she can reach all areas of her body. Should she have difficulty doing this, then she should be given regular baths to keep her coat fresh and dry. Note that overweight cat furbabies have difficulty reaching all areas of their bodies, which makes their skin more prone to itchiness and infection.


  1. Type of Coat – If your cat furbaby has a long coat, then this would require frequent grooming and maintenance. Cat furbabies with longer coats need more attention as this could be a cause for irritation, tangled hair, and even ticks and fleas to pile up in.


  1. Environment – Does your cat furbaby stay indoors or outdoors? If your cat furbaby stays indoors, this means she is not as exposed to dirt and pollution. However, if your cat furbaby stays outdoors, there may be a need to bathe her more often.


  1. Activity – If your cat furbaby is active then she will need to be bathed regularly.


  1. Health – It is important to know if your cat furbaby has health issues which will require her to be bathed regularly. These issues may be tick infestation, skin irritation, or even loose stool.


Bathing Your Cat Furbaby


Make sure everything you need to bathe your cat furbaby is within your reach. You will need the following:

  1. A plastic basin with a non-slip mat as this is where you will bathe your cat furbaby
  2. Mild shampoo (and conditioner) for cat furbabies (note that the PH level of shampoos and conditioners for cat furbabies is different from that of humans)
  3. A towel
  4. Brush to help untie the knots on your cat furbaby’s fur

 Earthbath Cat Shampoo and Conditioner 16 oz


JW Pet Cat Grooming Comb

Bath Time:


Bathing your cat furbaby can be tricky as she might get anxious being soaked in water. Here are certain steps that can help ease your situation:

  1. Fill the plastic basin with lukewarm water (not too cold nor too hot).
  2. Reassure your cat furbaby by slowly and gently putting her into the basin of water, as doing this abruptly may make her feel anxious.
  3. Use food treats or toys to distract your cat furbaby and make her feel more comfortable.
  4. Lather up a small amount of shampoo on the body of your cat furbaby. In case the shampoo you are using is medicated and takes effect in a couple of minutes, it might help to take your cat furbaby out of the water while cleaning her.
  5. Make sure to keep your cat furbaby’s ears dry and clear as putting anything inside might stress her out.
  6. Rinse your cat furbaby by using one hand to pour lukewarm water all over her body and the other hand to protect her eyes and ears. Make sure to rinse her entire body thoroughly so she does not end up ingesting excess suds.


After Bath:

Use a towel to dry your cat furbaby then leave her in a warm room to dry completely. Cat furbabies generally like being towel dried than dried using a hair dryer.

Note: If you experience any difficulty in bathing your cat furbaby, it is always best to consult a vet.