Cats are known for their non-stop grooming habits. You will see them grooming themselves just about every corner of your house. The question is, do they need to take a bath regularly? The answer is no. They do not require bath everyday, once a month is enough to clean their fur especially if they are shorthaired indoor cats. 


Although there could be times that your feline friend will be needing your help to keep them clean especially if they become smelly, sticky, and covered in dirt. Here are simple tips on how to give your cat a bath:

1. Trim their nails

Your cat’s claws are one of their main forms of defense. An upset cat may claw anyone nearby, including you, during the course of bath time. Cat scratches can easily become infected, so it’s in your own best interest to trim your cat’s nails before attempting a bath.

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2. Brush their fur

Cats shed frequently, all year long. That extra fur won’t be good for your plumbing, and it will make it more difficult to get your cat clean. If you can, brush your cat thoroughly to remove any loose fur and mats before you begin the bathing process. You can also put cotton balls gently in their ears to keep water out.

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3. Pour water on their body

Your cat probably won’t willingly go under water. Instead, use a handheld sprayer, a pitcher, or a plastic cup to gently pour water over their body until they’re thoroughly wet. 


4. Use a Cat Shampoo

Don’t use human shampoo on your cat. They’re not safe if your cat licks it, and they may hurt your cat’s delicate skin. Instead, use a shampoo that’s designed for cats. Start at your cat’s neck and gently massage the shampoo toward the tail. Avoid their face, eyes, and ears.

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5. Rinse them well

Once you’ve fully lathered up your cat, you can begin rinsing them off with clean, lukewarm water. Take the time to make sure all of the soap is gone; anything that’s left will be ingested by your cat when they clean themselves again later. It can also irritate their skin and attract dirt.


6. Dry Them Thoroughly

The most important part of bathing your cat is drying them off afterward. Dry them off as quickly as possible with a large towel and keep them in a warm room until they’ve completely dried. If your cat lets you, you can also use a hairdryer on its lowest warmth setting to speed up the process. If your cat has long fur, take the time to comb it out with a wide-toothed comb to avoid mats later.


7. Reward them with treats after each bath

Once bath time is over, make sure to reward your cat for behaving. Treats, praise, and playtime afterward may help your cat come around on the idea of bath time so it’s not as much of a struggle next time.

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