A healthy pet is a happy pet—imagine all the things that he can do with a strong and well-nourished body! Special care is essential, because as pet parents, we’re in charge of raising them to be their best dog or cat versions of themselves. But caring for our furbabies takes more than just nutrition and baths—dental care is at utmost importance, too.


Do not—ever!—take tooth matters for granted. While we want to give them the best food out in the market, if your pet is suffering from dental diseases, he won’t even be able to fully enjoy his meal. Or worse, it might lead to other illnesses, if not treated immediately.


They say prevention is better than cure, and we couldn’t agree more! As early as now, do a self-check and build the right routine for your furbaby—before a dental disease occurs, combat its occurrence with these five fool-proof tips! So take note and read on!


Build a homecare dental regimen.

Like humans, your dog or cat requires their teeth cleaned, too. It’s best to familiarize and train them on brushing their teeth while they’re young, so that they’ll get used to this practice. Pick out great tasting pet toothpastes available in your pet store, or go the DIY route and look up recipes you can whip up yourself! Get them a nice pet toothbrush suitable for them, and gradually incorporate regular brushing times to the drill.



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Choose your chews.

Chew toys, especially for playful dogs, are a big help in removing stains and plaque build up on their teeth. By letting them gnaw on pet-friendly toys, you’re not just giving them stuff to keep them entertained—think of it as a dental tool as well!

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Trick them with treats!

It’s a win-win if you are pet training, as giving them treats can double as dental disease preventive chewables. Go for treats with high nutrition value for health—just remember not to go overboard on feeding them! Keep in mind, though, that giving them nibbles isn’t the shortcut to oral hygiene, but a supplemental one. Best do both for optimum results!


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Look for signs.

Of dental disease, that is. Symptoms that your furry buddy might be suffering from oral illness are stinky breath, red and swollen gums, yellow and loose teeth, a sudden change in appetite and weight, and/or bleeding. Consult with your vet immediately once you find any of these tell-tale signs for early detection and treatment.


Go to your vet.

Your pet needs regular dental check-ups, too. Have their pearly whites attended to and get professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year. It’s also a good opportunity to talk to a professional and ask about other oral problems and solutions that may possibly arise. With these, your pet will always be ready for a winning smile!


Dog and cat dental health is very important. Take the right steps in preventing any kind of disease or even any discomfort in your pet’s life. You’ll love having a healthy and happy furbaby around you all day, every day!


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