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Exercising with Furbabies

Exercising with your furbaby is one of the best activities you can engage in together. It doesn’t have to sound as tiresome because exercise and playtime are pretty much the same, you just have to make exercise for pets enjoyable too!

But why do pets need exercise? The importance of exercise for pets is that it comes with many health benefits – mentally and physically. Often times, pet parents get so caught up in their busy schedules that playing with pets is omitted in theirs and their furbaby’s daily routine.

If you’re not too fond of exercise, one of the best pet exercise tips is to use toys! There are toys pet parents can use to enhance merge playtime and exercise by matching their activities with toys! When pets play with toys, they become more alert and become even more excited.

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  1. Stay fit and healthy

The importance of exercise for pets is to stay fit and healthy! It seems that more and more people are becoming into fitness. Don’t let your furbaby fall back on the trend, because it’s one that’s meant to stay – forever! Playing with pets can help them to stay fit with all the different movements of running, walking, catching and many more. Simple pet exercise tips: play tug-o-war using a medium to hard toy at home or walk around your local neighborhood. These are much more beneficial for you and your furbaby than staying at home all day!   

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  1. Bond

Just like you, your furbaby will want your attention every now and then. It’s best to include your furbaby in your daily routine and playing with pets is one of the best ways to bond. Set aside at least 30 minutes a day to make sure that you get to spend time with each other.

When you spend time with your furbaby, he’ll know how much you love him and how much he means to you. It creates a special bond that only both of you will understand, so the more time you spend together and the more fun you two have, the stronger your bond will be. Bonding while exercising can be as easy as walking up and down the stairs.

  1. Avoid illnesses and diseases

Pets need exercise to avoid illnesses and diseases. When they are fit, it is likely that they live a healthier and better quality of life compared to those.

Today, many pets are also affected by many illnesses and diseases such as arthritis, cancer and many more. It’s best to live an active lifestyle together to keep each other healthy.

If you have a cat, you can use a teaser wand to get him or her jumping and lunging. You’ll be surprised when your cat suddenly lunges from hiding to catch the toys dangling from the wand!

  1. Improves behavior

Dogs and cats do not always have as much patience as you think. Some dog and cat breeds are more patient than others, but what they do have in common is that they do get bored at some point. According to pets webmd, here are common behaviors to watch out for:


  • Destructive chewing, digging or scratching
  • Investigative behaviors, like garbage raiding
  • Hyperactivity, excitability and night-time activity
  • Unruliness, knocking over furniture and jumping up on people
  • Excessive predatory and social play
  • Play biting and rough play
  • Attention-getting behaviors like barking and whining.


This list seems impossible, but it’s not. Bored furbabies are bound for destruction and violence if they’re neglected and have too much pent-up energy. That’s why pets need exercise.

Playing with pets is a constructive way to capture their energy. The best part is that this can be done indoors and outdoors with small and big toys! So, pet parents have no excuse! If you have a cat, you can leave out a scratching post they can also climb and jump on.

One of the most important benefits of playing with your pets is engaging their energy into something more constructive, which results in better behavior. They won’t go around destroying things just to use up all that excess energy.  You have more peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to call our everything your furbaby does because he’s well-behaved.

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  1. Stimulates the mind

Dogs and cats alike cannot understand lengthy sentences and paragraphs! They don’t need that many words to follow what you want him to do, so you always keep it short and sweet! But what does this really mean?

Having a consistent list of commands when playing to your furbaby can help them recall and recognize the words better. For example, if you command your furbaby to catch, he’ll know he needs to run after the toy before it falls to the ground. It’s just the same as asking your furbaby to sit, stand or dance! These commands keep your furbaby alert because he knows to watch out for the words you utter.


Benefits of playing with your pet can do so much for you and your furbaby mentally and physically. Always remember that exercise for pets don’t need to be a chore – use toys to making playing with pets easier for both of you. Exercises can be done anywhere, anytime just as long as you have space, toys and of course your time and love for your furbaby!

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