As everyone is busy with the preparations for the New Year’s Eve celebration, our pets should feel safe and comfortable. Many pets become scared at the sound of fireworks or noisy music, and you can risk your pet trying to run away. Make your celebration pet-friendly by considering these tips:


1. Tire them out a bit before the celebration.

One way to ensure that your dog will be more relaxed and calmer on New Year’s Eve is to tire them out a bit during the day. Take your regular dog walks and go a bit further or on a more uphill path than you normally would. This way, your dog will be calm and more likely to have a good sleep in the evening.


2. Create a space for them indoors.

As a general rule, keep your dog inside. If you are hosting someone for New Year’s Eve, think ahead and dedicate a room or a confined space to your dog. Fill the space with your dog’s bed sheets – some food, if you wish – and other familiar items. This room will be your dog’s safe place during the evening.


3. Keep away dangerous substances.

Keep in mind that on this day, there might be unusual substances around which are actually toxic to your dog – so don’t forget to protect your dog from these dog poisons. Dangerous substances include:


  • Alcohol
  • Fireworks, sparklers
  • Chocolate
  • Chemicals
  • Toxic houseplants
  • Salty snacks
  • Meat with bones


It should be self-explanatory but keep your dog away from the firework festivities. Your dog might get hurt or accidentally poisoned. And do not let your dog ingest any alcohol, human foods, or drugs.


4. Keep them busy.

Dogs are very curious animals. To counter the excitement and bustle of New Year’s Eve, find alternative ways to entertain your dog. Try buying a new toy; if a dog has something new to play with, they are far less likely to care about what’s going on around them.


5. Spend time with them.

Try to spend as much time with your dog on New Year’s Eve as you can. Since they are likely to be frightened on this day, be sure that when you engage with your dog, you do so calmly.