Having a fur baby at home has a long list of benefits as a pet parent. Adopting a new cat will never be an easy task since there’s a need to prepare for their essentials and shelter. They need to get used to the new environment by preparing everything they need to feel at home. Here are 5 soothing ways to calm your new cat at home.


1. Prepare a bed or cat condo

Give your kitty a nice comfortable bed to give them the cozy feeling of being in your home. Choose the one with enough space where they can sleep comfortably.


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2. Give them calming remedies

There are calming remedies that can be easily purchased in the market. Formulated with all-natural ingredients that are guaranteed safe and effective to your new furbaby.


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3. Give them a scratching post

Cats love to scratch almost on anything to mark their territory. When you have a new kitty, they have to find a substitute scratching spot. Choose a scratching post that you think your cat could enjoy and this could save your furniture and carpets at home.

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4. Spend time with your new kitty

Enjoy every minute with your new cat by playing them with lasers, teasers, and toys. It will be memorable to them especially if you reward them with their favorite treats. Both of you will have a great time!

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5. Give them time and space

As much as you want to make them feel safe and comfortable, adjusting in a new environment takes time.