Creating a little personal nook for your furbaby can do wonders for you, your furbaby and your home. All you have to do: 1) choose a space and 2) buy a cozy and cool dog or cat bed. It doesn’t matter where you place it, just make sure it’s cozy enough for your furbaby to want to sleep in his own bed.


There are many top-rated dog and cat beds, so don’t go buying just any puppy bed; know the benefits of the pet bed and read up on the best dog and cat bed reviews to know how to choose a dog or cat bed size for your specific cat or dog breeds.


The right bed should be big enough for your furbaby to fully stretch and sleep in any position he desires. A quality bed can give security for your pet as well as other health and wellness benefits in the long run. Here are some of the surprising benefits of pet beds:

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  1. Instant comfort

Instant comfort isn’t only for your pet, but for you too! When pets don’t have their own bed, they usually sleep with their pet parents or worse, the hard and uncomfortable floor. Having your furbaby sleep with you can be tough, especially when he moves a lot.


Pets who don’t have their own bed and can’t sleep with their pet parents tend to sleep on the floor. This sad reality leads some pets to become irritable during the day. Give your furbaby the good night sleep he deserves.


Having the right pet bed provides a soft, cozy and cushioned place to support your pet’s bones, joints, and muscles while sleeping. If you are not sure how to choose a dog or cat bed size, familiarize yourself with your cat or dog breeds to know how small he’ll stay or how big he can get. Make sure your furbaby is tall enough to get on his bed, so he has enough space to fully stretch and sleep in any position he wants.


  1. Provides insulation

Pets are susceptible to temperature change. The sensitivity of pets to temperature make it more important to choose the right spot in your home to create that perfect nook. Before positioning the cool cat or dog bed, make sure that the spot you’ve chosen is one of his favorites in the house. Chances are if he doesn’t like that spot, he won’t sleep there at all! Choose one that is draft-free, comfortable and cozy enough to rest in for long periods of time.


A pet bed can provide a protective layer and essential support during the cold and hot days. For cold or cooler days, select a spot that is definitely draft-free and a bed that’s warm enough for your furbaby to curl up in

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  1. Controls the spread of hair and dander

Do you find hair and dander all over your furniture and even your clothing? Don’t blame your furbaby! It’s normal for pets to shed hair and dander, but it can be troublesome especially when these are all over the place and yourself. A pet bed can confine your furbaby’s hair, odor and dander to one reduced and easy to clean area in the house.



  1. Support pet’s health issues

It’s sad to know that we can’t stop our pets from experiencing their own health issues. There are times when they show symptoms, but sometimes, it gets too difficult to tell what’s really going on. If there’s anything you can do to provide additional support and comfort, it’s learning more about the specific health issue, knowing how to choose a dog or cat bed size and reading up on the best dog or cat bed reviews. Getting into the nitty gritty of how to choose the most suitable bed for your furbaby can really help relieve any pain or discomfort.


As pets grow older, they are prone to joint and bone problems. Arthritis, being one of the most common issue among cats and dogs. Providing your furbaby a suitable bed such as one of the best orthopedic dog and cat beds. These are designed to help take the pressure off and ease pain. Some notable features to look for: the quality of the foam, filling, bolsters, elevation and size.  


A pet bed can also help prevent skin problems. Pets, who sleep on hard surfaces, have their elbow skin rub on to the floors which can lead to ulcers.

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  1. Improves emotional well-being

Naturally, pets sleep long hours that range from 16 to 18 hours a day; making it more important to choose the best and most suitable bed.


Giving your furbaby his own personal space allows him to feel safe, relaxed, and valued. Like you, your furbaby also want a place he can retreat to when he wishes and most especially, a spot he can call home.



One of the best investments you can make is a bed just for your furbaby. Who knows, you might even find the perfect cat or dog bed on sale! It has many surprising benefits that can bring comfort, ease and safeguard against unwanted behavior and health issues. Now that you’ve covered all these points, start your search for the perfect bed!