Happy Tails for Happy Tales: 12 purring and wagging tail tactics for your furbabies

We can’t help but feel fulfilled when every member of the family is accounted for over the holidays, including a certain special pairs of paws. Furbabies are family members too, so here at bow & wow, we’ve launched our ‘Happy Tails’ campaign. Join us as we go the extra mile to make sure that there are happy tails for happy tales this holiday season.

Here are some fun and effective ways to get those tails wagging and purrs revving over the Christmas and well into the New Year.

  1. Good nutrition

Your pet deserves only the best all-natural pet food. Be sure to feed them a proper diet for optimum overall health. Did you know that the quality of the food they eat has a direct effect on their disposition? Petmd.com has noted that lethargic pets are likely to have eaten low-quality processed foods with artificial ingredients, whereas bubby and happy pets can be attributed to a healthy and nutrient-dense diet. Keep up the good food and you can expect good moods.


  1. Pampering

Regular grooming doesn’t just only make Fido or Fluffy look and feel good, it also strengthens the bond between you and your pet. It takes a certain level of trust on your furbabies part to allow you to groom them. Instill feelings of trust by making grooming and pampering as relaxing as possible. Make sure to use top-quality grooming tools and chemical-free grooming products.


  1. Training

Happy pets are pets that know their boundaries. When you train your cat to use a litter box or teach your dogs to sit before they go outside, not only will it be easier to take care of them, but your pet will feel confident that they’re meeting your expectations. You foster a unique bond when you help your furbaby better themselves, differently than if you were simply playing.


  1. Health & Wellness

Keeping your pet’s body healthy is an important part of responsible pet parenting. Keep track of their vet visits and provide them the vitamins and supplements they need to live long, healthy, and happy lives. Health and happiness go hand-in-hand, or in this case paw-in-paw, so always consider whether your pet’s total well-being is in balance. Factor in their age, breed, daily routines, environment, and special needs. Like humans, pets need to have their physical, emotional, and mental facets accounted for in order to be healthy and happy.


  1. Exercise and Play

Happy Animals are active animals. If you want to keep your pet happy, carve out a portion of each day to focus on exercise and play. Playtime is a great way to cater to the many needs of your pets. It allows them to be mentally stimulated and physically challenged. Ever notice how your cats or dogs do the silliest, yet most memorable things during playtime? This is why it is very important, and not just optional, to play with and exercise your furbabies daily.


  1. Enrichment

Pets that spend their day isolated and unchallenged are likely to be unhappy. Look for ways to engage your pet’s brain, like teaching them new tricks or giving them toys that make them work for a treat. Pets are aware and benefit from a sense of self improvement. A new trick every few weeks or so and new ways of incorporating toys will keep your pet bright and happy.


  1. Touch

Pets benefit from physical contact the same way humans do. The bond formed is relaxing and brings on an array of emotional and physical responses that are beneficial to their health, as well as ours! Simply give them a nice touch behind the ears or some loving pats on the head. Maybe even a relaxing belly rub! Enjoy this time, as it’s really quite adorable to watch your pet go into a blissful trance, and this is perhaps the easiest ways to communicate to them that they are truly loved.


  1. Comfort & Safety

Give your pets a special space in your home where they will feel safe. Make sure to pet-proof your home to avoid anything that can harm your furbabies. Wherever your pets ‘safe zone’ may be, whether it be their doggy or kitty kennel, up on a couch, in your sock drawer, or even simply behind the curtain, condition your pet to know that they have a safe place to go to where they can simply ‘be’ and let their paws hang loose.


  1. Communication

Talk to your pets and smile at them. Even if they don’t understand your words, it helps you and your pet bond. Our words have the power to calm, to motivate, and to help our pets feel loved. Use a combined variety of words, tone, body language, facial expressions, and interaction with your pet to communicate with them. Animalplanet.com cited that pets are very receptive particularly to sounds and gestures, and this is how they connect meaning to what we are communicating. Therefore, communicating things like how you are happy with them should be done in a consistent and uniform way so they can really understand you.


  1. Quality Time

Make sure you spend quality time with your pets, each and every day. Their time with you is limited, and YOU are the bright spot in their otherwise uneventful day. Even if all you can spare is five or ten minutes, it’s time well-spent because those precious minutes will make your pet happy. There are a variety of ways to incorporate time with your pets amidst a busy schedule. Where possible, cook with them present in the kitchen, have them next to you while watching TV, give them toys to play with while you’re exercising, bring them along for short walks, or bring them with you to homes with other furbabies. Simply being with them will mean the world to them.


  1. Socialization

Pets are social by nature. They enjoy meeting new people and other pets. Make time for your furbaby for regular occasions to meet other fur-friends. The better socialized they are, the happier they will be. As much as they love us, pets benefit from having a social circle beyond their humans and favorite chew-toy. It’s natural for them to be curious about other dogs or cats, however, according to bestfriends.org, pets should initially meet on neutral areas to avoid them feeling territorial. Put on a leash in case they decide to be naughty and bite their new acquaintance!


  1. Celebrate

Honor the day when your furbaby came and changed your lives. Make it extra special by giving them a new toy, treats, or a barkday cake, and extra time with your furbaby. Celebrations don’t necessarily just have to be their birthdays either. Your pet is part of the family, and should be included in major family time. Take a cue over the holidays; the Christmas morning gift opening time is flowing with happy emotions, which your furbaby will be positively receptive to, and it will really reinforce with them that they are a dearly loved member of the family, even if they’re furry and with paws! Let them watch you and your loved ones open a gift, and then bring out your selected gift for them. Place it in front of them and see if they can comprehend the idea of ‘gift unwrapping’. Let them unwrap it, if they don’t know what to do with it, open it for them and make a spectacle of the item inside and really emphasize that they too got a Christmas gift!