When choosing food for your pet, ingredients matter. Here's how switching to an all-natural pet food diet made a whole lot of difference for Winter the Golden Retriever. This healthy and happy furbaby success story is shared by pet parent Chiara Alcazar. 

"We adopted Winter from a relative and her skin/fur was really bad at first."

"Because of her condition, it meant a lot of sad days wearing a cone of shame..."

"We really tried different diets for her, even making her prepared human meals but nothing would work, or if it does, the spots would somewhat still come back. We felt so bad because it was really a trial & error thing which meant her food wasn’t so consistent but thank goodness she didn’t mind it at all! I remember early last year, January 2019 when we were going around Bow and Wow in Greenbelt we asked for some suggestions with your staff (btw the service there is super excellent!) and they recommended sticking to a salmon-based diet to focus on her fur and they told us to try Taste of the Wild and THANK GOD they did because Winter’s fur started progressing so well! 


Here’s after a few weeks:

"Since then, we never changed her diet and we loyally buy all her food and treats from Bow and Wow. If there’s one thing we learned from this, is to really do your research, invest in good quality products and make sure the people you’re buying your fur baby’s food know what they’re selling or what they’re talking about! The staff from Bow and Wow were like pharmacists from a drug store because they just told us to describe Winter’s eating habits and they knew exactly what treats and wet food to offer. Winter is suuuuper picky and she goes crazy for all the food they recommended! 

Thank you Bow and Wow for offering great products and services! We hope Winter’s story can help out other fur parents out there ♥️"

-Chiara Alcazar, pet parent of furbaby Winter