A Pet Hug a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

As it turns out, a daily dose of furry hugs and smooches is your ticket to good health! Early mornings into late nights, a busy pet parent’s day is always much better and brighter with their furbaby around. A life with four-legged friends is much more than smiles though. There’s actual physical science behind why having a pet makes pet owners so happy, and healthy, too.

For starters, having pets lowers your stress levels by inhibiting stress-related responses. Simply petting your dog or cat has a significant calming effect on humans. This calming effect lowers blood pressure, encourages slower and deeper breathing, and steadies the heartbeat. The combination of these responses make you feel more relaxed, so pet your stress away!

Have you ever experienced a warm purring cat affectionately rub themselves against your leg, or have your dog look up at you with a googly-eyes and a giant smile? It feels pretty good, doesn’t it? These simple acts that pets do reinforce a sense of companionship and appreciation. Thus, having pets make us less susceptible to depression, while adding structure to our lives. Being responsible pet parents mean we have something to get up for, other than ourselves. Walking, feeding, and caring for pets leave less opportunity for feelings of sadness to come into our lives, because we’re too busy caring for something that makes us feel so happy and appreciated.

Pets are big, walking, drooling, fluffballs. These snuggle monsters expose us to drool (we know where those mouths have been!), fur, and a daily demand to exercise. It may not seem like the most hygienic of things, but we have to be thankful that these furballs gift us with slobbery, furry affection because having pets is good for our immunity. Studies have shown, particularly for children, exposure to pets makes you less susceptible to allergies because your immune system becomes more active, in response to constantly having a pet around you. Paired with increased physical activity from exercising your pet on a daily basis, you also exercise yourself and benefit from a stronger immune system.

A furry hug a day, does indeed keep the doctor away. Pet, hug, play, and cuddle your way to good health!



Reference: webmd.boots.com