When dealing with clipping our pet’s nails, we mush approach with care and sensitivity. Here are some tips to help clip your pet's nails safely.




1. Look at your pet’s nails and check where the quick is. 

Our furry friend’s nails are made up of 2 main parts, the nail shell and the blood vessel called the quick.


2. Hold your pet’s paw gently but firmly.


3. Use a guillotine or scissor-type clipper.

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4. Place your clippers perpendicular to your pet’s nail.


5. Snip off nails slowly and with small cuts


It’s better to take your time in snipping your pet’s nails to save them from a lot of pain.

NOTE: When you hit something spongy while cutting your pet’s nails, STOP! You might be cutting the quick!


6. When the nail is cut too short and starts bleeding, you can use a styptic powder, and a damp washcloth to avoid the bleeding.


7. Do not forget to trim your pet’s dewclaws-or the nails inside the foot.



Hopefully these tips help you give your pet’s nails a much-needed paw-dicure!