In life, we are always told that preparation is key. Being ready for what lies ahead whether it’s an advancement in our career or making sure we ace an exam – we find ourselves doing everything to ensure every facet of who we are is prepared to take on the challenge. There is one thing though, we cannot seem to get ourselves ready for, and that is losing a loved one. The grief one experiences after losing a loved one is unfathomable, but it is the presence of family and friends that helps reassure everything will be okay in time.

How come though, it seems like a different feeling altogether, when we lose our furbaby? It can be difficult to understand how something so small has affected our lives in such a big way.


Why are you so saddened about the loss of your furbaby?

Who would ever think that a tiny creature could teach you the meaning of unconditional love? Bringing a furbaby into your home means allowing her to become part of your family.


For some people, furbabies provide emotional support. After a long day of doing chores, a hug from a furbaby is more than enough to help reduce the tiredness. For others, furbabies help keep them safe. They act as guardians by identifying potential threats in establishments. Whatever the role of a furbaby is in the life of a human, it is not difficult to understand the bond and companionship they share, go beyond the act of just having a pet.


How do you go about the grieving process?

Grief is something that varies from one person to another. For some, it can last a year, for others, it takes more than that. Some feel denial at first, until they eventually learn to accept their loss. Others feel anger towards anyone involved with their furbabies which at times includes themselves, thinking there must have been a way to have made things better.


Whatever feelings you experience after losing a furbaby, know that they are valid. There is no shortcut to getting better as everything takes time. Do not feel rushed in getting through the process, as this may make things more difficult in the long run. Going at your own pace is fine. Find comfort in the things the help make you feel better.


What are the things you can do to help yourself cope?


  1. Giving yourself time to grieve helps you accept the feeling of loss in the long run.

It is important to give yourself time to let all those pent-up emotions out. First and foremost, make sure to look after yourself. Try writing on your journal or finding quiet time to reassess your emotions. It may sometimes feel like you are carrying a lot of weight on your shoulders, but crying can help release your repressed emotions.


  1. Reaching out to others whom you think can help you through makes the process bearable.

Being surrounded by people you can talk to about your most memorable experiences with your furbaby makes the process of grief bearable. There are many support groups online in case you need a sympathetic ear.


  1. Making sure all your questions are answered helps you move forward.

It’s normal to have all these questions in your mind about what you could have done to change what happened to your furbaby or how she passed away. What’s most important is to have these questions addressed, so that it will be easier for you to move forward in the future. Make sure to set an appointment with your veterinarian when you are ready, so that all your lingering thoughts and questions can be answered.


  1. Make a memorial for your furbaby

It’s no question how much joy your furbaby has brought into your life. Preparing a memorial in the best or even simplest way you can, would help you remember how much more meaningful your life has become because of her. You can keep a memory of your furbaby by planting trees or putting up a plaque in your yard. You can also choose an animal charity and make a donation.


Know that everything will be okay.

Acknowledging you are in pain is the first step to acceptance. It helps to be reminded that mourning the loss of your furbaby is completely okay and normal. Take comfort in knowing your furbaby lived a meaningful life by your side. The memories you have shared together will always remain in your heart and remind you of who you have become because of her.