It’s best to cuddle our fur babies when they are clean and good-smelling. How do we make our pet’s bath times fun and fresh? Follow these easy steps to make bath times more fun for you and your furbaby!


1. Give your pet a bath about once every one or two weeks, depending on their coat, and how often they get dirty when playing. Bathing them too often will dry out her skin and strip her fur of its natural necessary oils.



2. Give your pets a few treats or their favorite toys to coax them into getting in the tub.

DO NOT BE AFRAID TO GET WET! Try cuddling and playing with them during bath time to make it a fun and positive experience.


3. Use warm water to bathe your pet. Check the water temperature first to make sure that it’s not too hot or too cold.



4. Use a gentle shampoo & conditioner that is made for pets. 


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6. Gently massage the soap into your pet’s body thoroughly to make sure that they are clean and fresh.


7. Rinse well until there is no more product on your pet’s fur.


8. Dry your pet with an absorbent pet towel.

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