There has been a huge impact on all facets of life as everyone strives to transition into what could now be called “the new normal”. Daily routines have changed drastically not just for pet parents, but for furbabies alike. Furbabies are now accustomed to having their pet parents around even more frequently because of the community quarantine. While this could be a positive effect, the changes that have been taking place may also affect your furbaby’s well-being. In order to support your furbaby’s mental and physical health, here are some activities to keep her on-the-go.


  1. Educate and train your furbaby

Now is the best time to strengthen your relationship with your furbaby by reinforcing training and education with her. It will help, not just your furbaby, but the entire household deal with the stress confinement brings. It will also improve your furbaby’s adaptation to the current situation.


Dog furbabies

  • Reinforce your dog furbaby with basic commands such as “sit” and “down”. Reward your dog furbaby with a treat as it is always good for her to associate good behaviour with a treat. This will remind her that she has done something right.


  • Help your dog furbaby identify her toys with names. For example, name her stuffed toy, “Jack” and ask her, “go fetch Jack.” This will help sharpen your dog furbaby’s mental instincts.


Cat furbabies


  • Make use of a clicker in training your cat furbaby. Teach her tricks like, “high five” and “come here”. Reward your cat furbaby with a treat, so that she may associate it with good behaviour.


  1. Be mindful of your furbaby’s diet

Since your furbaby’s physical exercise is limited and reduced, now is the best time to turn mealtime into something exciting for your furbaby. It can be a game where she gets to improve her digestion.


Dog and cat furbabies

You may use a slow-feeder or a fun-feeder from Outward Hound, but in case your furbaby does not have one, you may make your own version at home:


  • Make use of a cloth to hide bits and pieces of food. Place it in a box, so that your furbaby will have to find the food. This way, your furbaby will improve her digestion by eating smaller pieces gradually.
  • Make use of a kitchen roll (cylinder) and punch holes on it. Fill up the kitchen roll with food. Your furbaby will find different ways to eat the food in smaller bits. This will also serve as a mental exercise for her.


  1. Play with your furbaby

Playing with your furbaby is a great way to keep her physically active and fit, while also interacting with her.


Dog furbabies

  • Memory game – hide a treat underneath one of three plastic cups. Place them upside down for your dog furbaby to see. Move the cups around, so your dog furbaby can observe the movements. Let your dog furbaby use her sense of memory and smell in order to find the cup with her treat.
  • Scavenger hunt – play hide-and-seek with your dog furbaby by hiding treats around the house. Let your dog furbaby use her senses in finding her rewards.
  • Frozen treat – put some treats in an ice cube container then place the container in the freezer. Once frozen, remove the ice cubes and give them to your dog furbaby. Let your dog furbaby enjoy her delicious surprise when the ice melts.


Cat furbabies

  • Obstacle course – make a do-it-yourself agility course for your cat furbaby to enjoy. This can be as simple as coming up with an activity where your furbaby will reach the ceiling and go back down again.
  • Fishing game – tie a shuttlecock at the end of a string and use it as a fishing rod. You can do this by swinging it around the house for your cat furbaby to chase.
  • Ball game – keep your cat furbaby preoccupied by throwing a bouncing ball against a wall. Your cat furbaby will surely give her undivided attention while trying to get the ball.




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