Mornings are the worst time of the day for your furbabies. The sound of egg frying, kettle whistling, shoes tapping, and engine growling irritates them as these are the sounds before you leave. It seems a normal day to you but to them it will be a long day because they will be waiting for you until you come home. After saying goodbye to them, they will run to the window and watch you leave. Heartbreaking, isn’t it? You better stop doing this routine or else your pet will suffer from loneliness and your house will be a wreck. Here are ways to manage their loneliness and destructive chewing:

1. Skip saying goodbye

As much as you want to say goodbye to your fur baby, just skip it. Yes, you’ll miss them more than anything in the world, but it will just break their heart and stress them out. Before you leave, confine them in their crate or pen complete with food and water without showing any affection. Once you arrive home, let them out and do your usual routine.



2. Leave them with toys and chews

Stressed furbabies tend to destroy everything they see. Make sure to leave some toys that they can chew for the day. There are indestructible toys available in your local pet essentials store just make sure to choose the one that doesn’t have toxic paint that may harm your pet. stuff a hollow rubber toy with kibble that has been soaked in low-salt broth or plain water, and freeze it. Your dog will expend time and energy trying to get the kibble, which is a great distraction for him.


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3. Exercise and Sleep

Just like us, enough sleep will make your pets happy. They will have the right energy they need for the whole day. Physical exercise that tires their body and releases calming endorphin hormones is one of the best ways to prevent loneliness and the resultant destructive chewing. Putting your dog out alone in the backyard to sniff and dig doesn’t count as exercise. Activities like a brisk walk, jog, swim, hike, and game of fetch or flying disk are exercise and satisfy his need for companionship.


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