Keeping a furbaby with you in your home is always one of the best feelings in the world. That feeling becomes even more rewarding when you get to teach her to follow household rules like knowing when to eat, where to sleep, and where to go potty. Potty training your furbaby can be tricky, but with the right amount of patience and consistency, it can be done.


  1. Understand your furbaby’s behavior


Knowing your furbaby’s traits and special needs will help you train her better. For example, if your furbaby is a tiny dog, then that means her bladder is also tiny which will let her go potty more often. It is also important to know how your furbaby tries to communicate with you. Watch out for clues your furbaby shows you or how she reacts to you when you give her command words, most especially when she needs to pee or poop.


  1. Create a routine.


Your furbaby will respond well on a regular schedule. Creating a schedule for her establishes that there is a time for everything – a time to eat, sleep, play, and do her thing.


  1. Choose a potty zone.


Whether it is inside our outside your home, it is always best to take your furbaby on a leash to her potty zone. Make sure to use a word or phrase your puppy can associate with when she has to go potty. This will help you know when she feels the need to relieve herself.


  1. Interrupt when your furbaby makes a mistake.


Remember that your intention is to discipline your furbaby in the best way you can and that is not to startle her. Get her immediate attention by making a sudden sound or noise or being firm in using a command word when you see her marking in places she shouldn’t be.


  1. Reward your furbaby.


Whenever your furbaby goes potty in the right area, reward her by giving her words of affirmation, using a cheerful voice in doing so, or giving her a treat. It is important for her to consistently know when she is doing the right thing to avoid accidents or making a mistake.


  1. Clean accidents right away.


Remember you would want your furbaby to avoid making mistakes, so cleaning accidents right away helps prevent them from relieving in the same place.


Tip: Use puppy or wee wee pads for house training