We might have limited opportunities to go outside and play but there are unlimited activities that you and your pet could share. Every minute you spend time with them will always be a happy memory engraved in their hearts. Your furbaby’s happiness only takes a treat, toy, and you.


Hide and Seek

As a kid, we enjoy playing this game with our friends whether inside or outside our house. Start by having your dog stay in a room. Then you leave and hide in another room. In an upbeat tone, call out his name and tell him to come and find you. Be sure to heap on praise and treats each time he finds you so he enjoys a great payoff for complying.


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Treasure Hunt

Exercise their sense of smell by playing a game of treasure hunt. Use your pet’s favorite treat to hide in places around the house like small boxes, under the sofa, or anywhere that is reachable for them. It will be a fun and rewarding experience that your and your fur baby will enjoy.

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Three Cup Game

Your fur baby’s nose and eyes will be put to test in this game. Get three identical cups from your kitchen, line them up in a row and hide a treat under one of them. Let your dog watch you put the treat underneath a cup so she can see there will be a reward to guessing correctly. Then mix the cups up — the more challenging you want to make it, the more quickly you move the cups.


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Which Hand Game

When presented with two closed fists, your dog sniffs each and indicates which hand holds the treat. You present your fists to your dog and encourage him to “get it” Then, reward your dog for showing interest in the correct hand.


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Most dogs love to play tug-o-war while you are trying to take away what they are trying to bite. Why not play it with them for real? Choose a durable rope or toy that the both of you could easily tug and start the fun.


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