Our furbabies have different needs, just like us pet parents. Make sure you’re giving them the right kind of food that satisfies what their body needs. Here are a few great product picks which ensure that our furbabies get the most nutrition out of their food:


Puppies and Kittens

The first year of your furbaby’s life is essential as it lays the foundation for a long and happy life. Puppies and Kittens will need more nutrients than adults to be able to grow and develop properly, so it’s important to make sure that the food you’re giving them meets their nutritional requirements.

These products from Dick van Patten’s Natural Balance offers your growing furbabies an optimal balance of premium proteins and key nutrients. This diet is accented with colostrum, a nutrient known to support a healthy immune function, it is formulated with DHA and EPA to support a healthy brain, it has proper calcium and phosphorus levels to support growing bones and teeth, added taurine for healthy heart and eye function, balanced omega-6 and omega-3 ratios to support healthy skin and a luxurious coat, contains multiple types of fibers to support healthy digestions, a balanced blend of high-quality protein sources to support healthy muscles, and the food features specially selected shapes for smaller mouths! What more can your furbabies ask for?


For Puppies: Original Ultra® Whole Body Health® Chicken, Brown Rice, Duck Meal Puppy Formula Dry Dog Food and Original Ultra® Whole Body Health® Chicken, Duck & Brown Rice Puppy Formula Canned Dog Food from Natural Balance

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For Kittens: Original Ultra® Whole Body Health® Chicken, Duck Meal, Salmon Meal Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food and Original Ultra® Whole Body Health® Chicken, Salmon & Duck Kitten Formula Canned Cat Food from Natural Balance

Photo by @naturalbalanceinc

Adults Dogs and Cats

For dogs, it is recommended to switch to an adult formula when they are close to their adult height, at approximately two years of age while smaller dogs achieve this sooner, around one year of age. Feed your dog dry food to help keep his teeth healthy—and for larger breeds, to provide more caloric density. While some dogs may require special diets due to medical issues, average dogs need high quality animal based protein for muscle maintenance, fiber for a healthy digestive tract, essential vitamins and mineral for the immune system, vitamin-rich fish oils for overall health, and healthy grains for energy.

For cats, veterinarians recommend feeding your kitten adult food at about nine months of age. Blend dry cat food with canned food for a well-rounded meal. Cats are strict meat eaters, or carnivores, so the food should contain a high level of easily digestible protein. Fat is also important for needed calories. Adult cat food should also contain: Vitamin A, from liver, kidney and other organ meats, and niacin for healthy growth, essential fatty acids for healthy skin and fur, and taurine for healthy eyes and heart muscle.


For Dogs: Sierra Mountain Canine® Formula with Roasted Lamb and Sierra Mountain Canine® Formula with Lamb in Gravy from Taste of the Wild

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For Cats: Rocky Mountain Feline® Formula with Roasted Venison & Smoked Salmon and Rocky Mountain Feline® Formula with Salmon and Roasted Venison in Gravy from Taste of the Wild

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Senior Cats and Dogs

As a rule of thumb, pets are considered older when they’ve reached half of their life expectancy. As your furbaby ages, their eating habits and dietary needs can change. Now, not all seniors are the same. While a lot of seniors need lower-calorie diets to help prevent obesity, there are seniors who are still very active and healthy so it is okay to give them food with a considerable amount of fat and protein. Remember that what they should eat would still depend on their lifestyle and it is important get them checked first for any health concern that may affect their diet.

These products from Taste of the Wild are grain-free formulas which provide highly digestible energy and high quality fish protein for cats and dogs. The formula is also supplemented with vegetables and fruits which provides antioxidants to support a healthy immune system and overall good health. Wet food is important in a seniors’ diet to lower their carbohydrate intake and to increase water intake since their ability to maintain water balance decreases and wet food makes food more appealing since they lose their appetite.


For Senior Dogs: Pacific Stream Canine® Formula with Smoked Salmon and Pacific Stream Canine® Formula with Salmon in Gravy from Taste of the Wild

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For Senior Cats: Canyon River Feline® Formula with Trout & Smoked Salmon and Canyon River Feline® Formula with Trout and Salmon in Gravy from Taste of the Wild

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Overweight Dogs and Cats

Simply put, your pet is obese because it is consuming more calories than it needs. You’d know that you’ve been feeding your pet too much when you can’t feel their ribs with your palm. Obesity needs to be treated (or better yet, avoided) because of two factors: health and money. Obese pets face a shorter life expectancy and is more prone to having a number of major health issues. It is not just that, these pets have a diminished quality of life and you have to pay a lot of money for unnecessary medicals bills.

These products from Natural Balance is formulated specifically for overweight adult cats. It is designed to keep your pet nutritionally balanced with fewer calories, this diet offers higher protein and fiber, a combination that may help your cat feel full as they lose weight in a healthy, delicious way. It is one of the lowest calorie diets on the market and is high in taste and satisfaction!


For Overweight Dogs: Dick van Patten’s Fat Dogs® Low Calorie Dry Dog Formula from Natural Balance

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For Overweight Cats: Dick van Patten’s Fat Cats® Low Calorie Dry Cat Formula from Natural Balance

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Dogs and Cats with Allergies

An allergy is the body’s immune system reacting to something foreign. Allergic reactions commonly manifest in the skin and coat, and/or in the gastrointestinal tract. It’s good to notice early if your pet is allergic to a certain protein or ingredient in order to be able to avoid it.

These products from Dick van Patten’s Natural Balance is designed with a limited number of premium protein and carbohydrate sources so it would be easier for you to avoid certain ingredients that your pet is allergic to, and is an excellent choice when seeking alternative ingredients for your pet. This ultra premium grain-free pet food is designed to support healthy digestion and to maintain skin and coat health—all while providing complete, balanced nutrition for all life stages!


Dogs with Allergies: Dick van Patten’s L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® from Natural Balance. Available in Wet and Dry Formula in Potato and Chicken, Potato and Kangaroo, Potato and Rabbit, Potato and Duck, Sweet Potato and Fish, Sweet Potato and Venison, Sweet Potato and Buffalo, Sweet Potato and Chicken, Sweet Potato and Bison, Brown Rice and Lamb, Brown Rice and Rabbit, Brown Rice and Boar, Brown Rice and Lamb Meal, Legume and Duck Meal, and Legume and Wagyu Beef.

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Cats with Allergies: Dick van Patten’s L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® from Natural Balance. Available in Wet and Dry Formula in Green Pea and Chicken, Green Pea and Duck, Green Pea and Salmon, Green Pea and Venison, and Green Pea and Chicken.

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