Spot-on treatments are the most popular method to get rid of ticks and fleas, but are you really willing to harm your furbaby with chemicals just to remove those pests? The EPA (environmental protection agency) has received numerous reports about adverse reactions varying from mild skin irritations to sickness, seizures, and even death due to reactions from the chemicals found in these types of products. Thankfully, there are natural alternatives to prevent and remove ticks and fleas without putting your pets at risk:


1. Natural Chemistry Yard and Kennel Spray

Ticks and fleas usually latch on to unsuspecting pets when they pass through wet grassy areas. Get rid of ticks and fleas even before they get to your pet by using the Natural Chemistry yard and kennel spray on lawns, trees, shrubs, and flowers. It kills fleas, ticks, mosquitos, and even black flies on contact!  It is non-toxic and can be sprayed even when pets are present.


2. Ark Natural’s Neem Protect Spray and Shampoo

To relieve itching caused by ticks and fleas, begin by bathing your dog or cat with Neem “Protect” Shampoo. After their coat has dried completely, generously spray Neem “Protect” Spray from head to tail. Neem has been used for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory. It is gentle, non-drying and helps reduce itching and dermatitis caused by insect bites.



3. Halo Herbal Dip

Halo Cloud Nine Herbal Dip is an extremely versatile, safe, and effective herbal product. Designed for use on both dogs and cats, it can be mixed with shampoos, mixed with water to use as a spray, or can be applied to any fabric or cloth collar.



4. Natural Chemistry De flea Spray and Shampoo

Natural Chemistry De flea shampoo kills fleas on contact and can be used on dogs and puppies. For more flea-killing power, use it with Natural Chemistry DeFlea Pet & Bedding spray which is not only safe enough to use on your pet, but it's also safe enough to spray on bedding, or any other place your pet may have come in contact.



5. Natural Chemistry Flea and Tick Spray for Cats and Dogs

Natural Chemistry Natural Flea Spray for Cats and Dogs (separately) kills fleas, mosquitos, and black flies on contact for up to 7 days –it can even be used on bedding!



Source: 1800petmeds