All pet parents can agree that having a furbaby is one of the best feelings in the world. If you’re a new pet parent or you’ve been considering to start being one, here are the ten most basic things your new pet will need:


1. Water and Food Bowls

Stainless steel bowls are durable and easy to clean. However, don’t forget that different kinds of pets will need different kinds of bowls to be able to drink and eat comfortably. Check out our pet parenting 101 video to know how to choose the right bowl for your pet! Furthermore, what’s more important than the bowl is what you fill it with, so be sure to give them healthy food and treats! 

Lixit Cat Water Fountain 32oz Loving Pets Dog Bowl Dragonfly Turqouise Small


2. Bed

Make your new furbaby feel more comfortable in your home by providing a safe and comfortable place for them to sleep in.

Dallas Pets Cozy Pet Box Bed 19in Dallas Cat Bed Hooded Geo with Play Toy 14in


3. Crate

Buy a size-appropriate crate for potty training and providing down time for your pet. You will also be able to use this when brining your pet to places! 

Midwest Homes for Pets Atlas Top Load Carrier Blue 19in Petmate Kennel Compass Stainless Steel Fashion Blue 19in


4. Collar and Leash

Collars are important as it holds your pet’s identification tag in case they get lost and leashes are for exercising your dog by walking or running. Remember that you should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and your pet’s neck for a comfortable fit.

Coastal Pet Cat Collar Zebra 3/8x8-12 Coastal Pet Dog Collar Soy Slate 1in x 18-26in


 5. Chew Toys/Scratch Post

Dogs got to chew and cats got to scratch. It shouldn’t be discouraged as it is normal for them but should be redirected instead. If you don’t want to go home one day with the furniture shredded or chewed on, teach your pets to chew or scratch on certain items like chew toys or a scratching post.

North Americal Pets Classy Kitty Cat Curl Nylabone Puppychew X Bone Beef Small Mammoth Toy Cotton Rope Medium 12in


 6. Waste Management Items

Pets will always need to do their thing and if they’re kept indoors and are left unsupervised, you should train them to release in a designated area like a wee-wee pad or a litter box to make cleaning up after them easier.

Moderna Litter Box Lift to Sift Warm Grey Four Paws Wee Wee Patch Grass and Potty Tray Set Medium 20x30


7. Brush

Regardless of breed, you should groom your pet regularly. Have a good brush on hand to keep their coat healthy and shiny as brushes spread the oils in their skin through the coat.


JW Pet Grooming Brush Pin


8. Nail Trimmers

Trimming your pet's nails will help prevent the nails from breaking, which is painful and can lead to an infection. Nails that are too long can also change the way they walk and can lead to more serious bone and joint issues.


  JW Pet Cat Grooming Nail Trimmer Deluxe


9. Shampoo

While bathing your pet gets rid of the dirt and smell, you shouldn’t bathe them too often as it dries out their skin. Remember to use a gentle shampoo that is formulated for them and one that will not strip the natural oils of their coat.

Burt's Bees Cat Shampoo Waterless 10oz Bath & Buddy Oatmeal Pet Shampoo 500ml



10. Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Your pet’s dental health is as important as yours. Cleaning you pet’s teeth may seem hard but this dental kit gets things done fast and easy with a vanilla flavored toothpaste that pet’s love in a no-rinse formula. It can be used for cats too!

Tropiclean Cat Fresh Breath Oral Kit 3pcs Tripet Ez Dog Dental Kit Small Breed Zymox Dental Gel 2.5oz