For all the proclaimed New Year’s resolutions, if you’re thinking of starting a fresh year with the good fortune of adopting a furbaby, here’s a heads up on how it will change your life:

You’ll become more responsible

When there’s a furbaby that needs some loving and caring, you’ll find yourself motivated to get up and do things more easily. With a cute little furry life under your care, unheard of parental instincts tend to surface, and you’ll come to realize that you are indeed very capable of taking care of another life, and you find yourself enjoying the fulfillment! Talk about personal growth.

You’ll be happier

Having a pet is like a multifaceted investment. You get more than what you adopted for. Sure you sign up for 4 paws and a tail, but you find yourself with an enduring companion, an endless source of amusement, someone to hug, someone to talk to, someone to play with, and someone who will always be there for you. Big or small, pets do their very best to keep you warm, safe, loved, and happy.


You’ll get fitter

When you love a pet, (we know you do) sometimes without realizing it, your pants fit better. All the training, playing, poop cleaning, and running around getting them all kinds of pet-goods (food, toys, grooming kits) accumulates and before your know it, you’re fitter! Factoring in the fact that furbabies require daily exercise (as do you), the efforts taken to have a healthy furbaby results in a physically improved you.

Opens new social circles

Furbabies open doors for you. You now have a legitimate excuse to hang with all the kitty and doggy loving folk, because you’re one of them. It’s always a plus to know that someone is a pet-person, and those are the types of kind hearted people you’d want to include in your life. Now that you have a cat or dog to share common interests with, planning playdates gives you time to hang out with new people as well.