With warm weather, long days, and lots of sunshine, summer is a great time for pets to have fun! Fortunately, there are a bunch of pawfect products to help our furbabies have fun and stay comfortable during the high temperatures.


1. Kong Cat Active Pole Teaser 

When it’s too hot to go outside, let your cat exercise and have fun right in the comfort of home. Kong Cat Active Pole Teaser will fulfill your cat’s instinctual desires to chase, hunt, and capture!


2. Chuck-it Amphibious Boomerang

Play with your dog on land and in the water with these unsinkable Chuck-it Amphibious toys which are designed for exceptional visibility and performance. Each brightly-colored floats, will sail through the air with ease, and is easy on a dog's mouth! 


3. Spot Rockin' Laser

Going on a vacation and leaving your cats at home? Don’t let them miss out on all the fun! When the telltale movement of a cat triggers its motion sensor, Spot’s Rockin’ Laser cat toy sends out a beam of laser light that will entice your cat to exercise. This toy will be sure to provide your cat with hours of entertainment!


4. Outward Hound Life Jacket

(photo by @burgerthefrenchie)

Keep your pets safely equipped for every new adventure and splash up some fun with outward hound’s life jacket! Designed for maximum comfort and safety, this lets you swim with your pet at the beach or in the pool worry-free.


5. Aroma Paws Fur Conditioning Treatment with Sunscreen

Restore shine and fully condition your dog’s skin and coat while keeping them safe from the sun with Aroma Paws fur conditioning treatment with sunscreen. Simply massage a small amount on their skin or coat and voila! Instant shine and protection for your furbaby. (plus, it can be used on cracked or chapped noses!)