There are a lot of pet food choices to choose from. No matter how healthy it is, there’s always a feeding guide for you to check before indulging them with food. Obesity is one of the major health problems that our pet could encounter if we do not watch out for their food intake. Help your pet lose weight with these simple steps:


1. Opt for a low-calorie formula.

There are number of low-calorie options in the market to keep your dog nutritionally balanced even though they are eating fewer calories, this diet offers a special protein and fiber blend to help your pet lose weight in a healthy way. Plus, it will help keep them full between meals.

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2. Use a slow feeder.

Your pet might be eating their meals faster which could lead to constipation.

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3. Count the treats.

Treats play a huge role in giving more calories than your pet’s usual intake. Choose the ones with less calories for a healthy, rewarding treat time!


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4. Walk them outside.

Give your pet a breath of fresh air by walking them around the neighborhood. It could give positive effects to their mental health as well to their overall health. Walk will not only help them lose some weight but also exercise their joints.

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5. Play, play, play.

Grab your pet’s favorite toys and start the fun! Play fetch with your dog or let your cat chase a teaser to make them run for a long time.

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Make sure to weigh your pet and monitor their day-to-day weight to achieve the goal. Consult your veterinarian to check if your pet is either overweight, constipated, or there could be other underlying problems.