Looking for where to travel with your pet this summer? Take the opportunity to bask in the sun with tons of fun together in your favorite summer destinations. If you don’t know what to bring when traveling with a pet, this cat and dog travel checklist will definitely help you clear up all the fuss.

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  1. Food Essentials

Water and healthy food are necessary for your furbaby to survive! There are many things you can take with you like kibble, dog food rolls, patties, or bring think cups that are ready for eating. Avoid your furbaby from getting dehydrated by providing water from time to time.

Bring portable items too for water and food for your furbaby to use. It’s best to be prepared no matter where you are.

  1. Toys

It’s not exactly fun when there’s a lot of downtime or wait time in the airport, car or the lobby of some hotel. Be productive even while waiting by bringing a few toys, preferably your furbaby’s favorite ones, to keep him entertained whenever and wherever. Don’t just bring any toy! Bring ones that are friendly and appropriate for the place that you’re visiting.

If you’re mostly staying indoors, it’ll be great if you can bring chew toys, a ball and other small items. This way, you can mentally stimulate and entertain him simultaneously.

But if you want to have tons of your fun, think hard about where to travel with your pet. This will mostly call for the outdoors or big open spaces. It’s great physical exercise for both of you, so bring toys that will encourage your furbaby to run as far as he can (with your supervision, of course!).

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  1. Collar, tags and leash

This is a must, a top priority on your cat and dog travel checklist! No matter where you go, even if it’s just a short road trip or a walk down the road, make sure your pet has proper identification. A collar and tag will help others recognize that your furbaby belongs to someone.  You can place your name and number on your pet’s tag, so people know ho

For dogs, keep him on a leash at all times! Not everyone loves dogs and not every place welcomes dogs. It’s a sad reality! Only let him loose if you’re in a place that permits this.

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  1. Vest and clothes

Prepare you furbaby for the weather and activities you’re going to do in your destination. Pet travel needs include knowing what the weather is like and what activities you’re going to do. Being unprepared calls for serious health consequences during and after the trip. 

A change in weather, especially if it’ll be cold, means that your furbaby may also need sweater to keep him warm.

If you’re going to swim at the beach or pool, your dog beach checklist should include a vest! Although he can instinctively do the doggie paddle, it’s best to be safe! The vest will help keep him afloat and help save much of his energy.


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  1. Diapers

Travel with your pet easily by putting a diaper on him. There are disposable and reusable diapers you can use, depending on your pet’s needs. This is a must when traveling because you can never be 100% he will pee or poop when you need him to. Bring wipes and waste disposal bags too, to remove any mess he made on himself or in the area.

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  1. Crate or carrier

Traveling with a dog in the car or a plane can be more difficult than traveling with a cat. But regardless if you are a pet parent to a dog or a cat, and no matter how well behaved your furbaby is, it’s better to place your furbaby in a crate or carrier!

Torn between a crate or a carrier? If your furbaby is traveling alongside you, a carrier will do just fine. However, if he won’t be with you, he needs to be in a crate. When choosing one, make sure it is large enough for him to move around – sit, stand and turn. Note that some airlines have certain restrictions on the size of the crate. Failure to comply might make it impossible for you to get on that flight.

  1. Passport

You’re probably asking: “does a pet need a passport to travel?”, and the answer is YES! There are certain procedures you will need to undergo in order to get your furbaby his very own passport.

  1. Health records

Other documents required for pet travel includes your furbaby’s health records such as pet travel health certificates. Basic ones include:


  1. Rabies vaccination
  2. Certificate of veterinary inspection
  3. Acclimation certificate.


These are stricter if you’re traveling internationally and laws will depend on the country you are visiting, so do your research well!

Just in case your furbaby falls ill during the trip. His health records will come in handy when you take him to a local veterinarian, to make him aware of your furbaby’s medical history and for him to make a more accurate diagnosis. These documents required for pet travel are just as important when you’re traveling on land and sea.

Traveling can be fun but also very tiresome for your furbabies. Having the right pet travel health certificates ensures that your furbaby is fit and ready for a fun trip!

  1. First aid kit

Pet travel essentials also includes a cat and dog first aid kit, just in case anything unforeseen happens. This can include things for both you and your furbaby; include items like antiseptic, gauze, bandages, tape and tweezers! If you’re an extremely prepared pet parent, take flea and tick spray with you just in case.

Now that all the fuss about what pet travel essentials you’ll really need, it’s time to get ready to have a ton of fun under the sun. There’s nothing like true quality time like when you travel with your pet!