As furry little things, pets don’t deal with heat as well as we do. It’s up to us pet parents, to make sure that they keep their cool, and prevent them from dangers of heat such as organ damage, or even worse. With a few simple precautions, pets can enjoy the summer sun, safely.

Firstly, always consider your pets space. Enclosed areas, such as cars and kennels get much warmer. While you may think it is cool on the outside, the inside of a car or kennel traps heat that your pet isn’t accustomed to. If you have them in their kennel make sure it is well ventilated, where they have access to leave to a cooler, shaded area with water. If you have them in a car…make sure that the air-conditioning is on and you are there to monitor them, never ever leave your furbaby in a car unattended!

Consider your pets daily exercise regimen. Be certain that they aren’t exercising in the heat of the day, this means walking them in the early morning or late afternoon. If you have them playing outdoors, be extra vigilant in watching them between 10 am and 3pm, as when this is the hottest time of day, and your furbaby may be having too much fun to realize they are getting dehydrated or overheating. Make sure that your pet has adequate access to shade and water at all times to keep their cool.

The first tell-tale early signs of heatstroke is excess salivation and heavy panting. As a pet parent, err on the side of safety, and cool down your pet with water, ventilation, and shade if you notice these signs. You can take it a step further by spraying your pet’s paws and underbellies, as pets cool from the bottom- up. With rising temperatures you may want to consider in investing in a cooling pad.  If you notice your pets eyes are blood shot, and their skin doesn’t fall back into place quickly, these are signs of dehydration that require immediate care.

With your vets phone number handy, along with water, shade, and proper ventilation, your furbaby can bask in the summer season, safely, for a happy summer to remember!