Here’s a list of things you’ll need to raise a healthy and happy puppy.


Choose the right puppy milk and formulas.

Puppy milk replacement formulas are easier for puppies to digest in comparison to dry puppy food. It is formulated to provide a caloric pattern similar to their mother’s milk in protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

Puppy food has a higher nutrient content of proteins, omega fatty acids, minerals and vitamins that’s essential for proper nourishment of puppies.


PetAg Esbilac Puppy Milk Powder 12oz


All-Natural Nutrition

Your dog will have stronger immunity, more energy, and a better quality and longer life.

Not sure which type of food to buy? You can also check out this blog for a list of the top all-natural dog food brands in the Philippines and what makes each different to help narrow down your choices: Best All-Natural Dog Food Brands


Socialize often

Be sure they get enough people and animal interaction, not just in the early months but throughout their life to decreases the chances of antisocial or fearfully aggressive behaviors. Make sure to keep them leashed during first meetings for everyone’s safety. 

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Exercise body and mind

Keep your dog physically fit and mentally engaged by going on walks or giving fun and interactive toys that keep them busy and entertained.


Groom regularly

Giving frequent baths, keeping your pet’s nails trimmed, and daily brushing is a good way to keep an eye on changes in your pet’s fur or skin, and is an ideal time to check for lumps and bumps that may be cause for concern.  

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Watch this for easy Pet Grooming Tips from Head to Tail.


Give them a safe place to call their own

Dogs do feel cold and sleeping on the floor is not good for them. Giving them a bed ensures your dog is warm and comfortable, and he will feel that he is part of the family.

Dallas Pets Cozy Pet Box Bed 19in  Dallas Pets Cozy Pet Oval Bed 19in 


The Pawfect Bowl for Your Pup

For lively and energetic puppies, get them bowls that have a non-skid bottom and don’t tip over easily to avoid any accidental spills.

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For Stink-free Potty Zones

Keep your home smelling fresh with our natural, safe and effective stain and odor removers that completely eliminate pet accidents and hard-to-get-out messes. Designate A Potty Spot with pee pads with built-in attractants can encourage your puppy to potty in the right place.

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Toys for Teething Pups

When puppies are growing their teeth, their gums can get very sore. Chewing on toys helps to alleviate the pain and also helps to keep their teeth nice and clean.


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Fit the Right Collar

For growing pups, it’s best to choose a versatile collar that can be easily adjusted depending on how fast they grow.

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A Little Extra Layer of Love

For puppies that may tend to get cold easily, get them a stylish shirt that will help keep them warm and cozy.

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Prioritize Preventive Care

Annual vet visits, vaccinations, dental care, and giving supplements can keep your pet free of unwanted health issues, like dental disease, heartworm, flea-related diseases and tick-borne illnesses which can lead to serious health problems.

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