The holiday season is upon us and it’s the best time of the year to reward your furbabies with tokens of love. If you have a cat, part of the challenge is finding cat-approved gifts for your fancy feline. Part of the mystique is their seemingly apathetic nature, so thinking and planning for a great Christmas present for cats that will hold up to a cat’s standards can be hard. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of gift suggestions to satisfy every kind of kitty.

If you love pets, watch this video and find out why Santa saves the best gifts for last:


Purr-fect Gift Ideas to Treat Your Cat This Holiday Season

  1. For the Furocious Felines

For the cats that love to claw out and scratch, gift them with sturdy scratch boards and posts, so that when the urge to scratch strikes, your cat won’t get in trouble for going to town on your carpet or furniture.

Furocious Felines christmas

Cats will scratch pretty much everything in sight, so make peace with your couch-scratching cat this holiday season, and buy a great scratching post. Four Paws Super Catnip Scratch Posts can help prevent your cat from scratching your furniture. It comes with multiple scratching surfaces and a hanging plush catnip ball for added fun.

Four Paws Super Catnip Scratch Posts

The Petstages Scratch Tower Track is another fool-proof holiday gift. With scratching solutions and play elements combined, it’s perfect for cats to release their primal urge to place their mark, establish their turf and exercise. An added track ball triggers kitty's impulse to play, while sisal material provides the ideal and durable blend of texture and grain for cats to improve and maintain their nail health.

Petstages Scratch Tower Track

If you want to keep kitty from dismantling your holiday decorations, the Kong Scratch Board can keep him distracted and enthralled for hours. It’s a catnip toy with the irresistible feel of corrugate scratchers cats love.

Kong Scratch Board

The North American Pet Sisal Scratchpost not only helps to promote regular activity and exercise for your kitty but also helps to distract him from clawing up your upholstery and flooring.

North American Pet Sisal Scratchpost

  1. For the Curious Cats

For cats that love to seek adventures and hideaways, the gift of cozy playspaces and toys that spark their curious instincts  may just be the purr-fect addition to entice play or lure in for cuddle time.

Curious Cats

Kong Playspaces Burrow offers pounce and play options for feisty felines or an enclosed hideout for kitties that prefer comfort time. The crinkle tunnel and peek-a-boo windows ignite hide-and-seek excitement while the hunt and find catnip packed beaver and butterfly attachments fulfill natural hunting instincts.

Kong Playspaces Burrow

Petstages Peekin’ Pals Scratcher is designed with features that work to engage and entertain your cat through natural behaviors like hunting, swatting, batting and scratching. This cat scratch toy is also Catnip Blasted for even more excitement. 

Petstages Peekin’ Pals Scratcher

Petstages Mix & Scratch Ball Chaser satisfies kitty's scratching instinct, keeping claws strong and in good health without damaging your home. Unique designs and materials keep your cat focused on objects appropriate for scratching while offering stretching, sleeping and lounging activities. Each puzzle piece is Catnip Blasted to keep your furbaby’s interest.

Petstages Mix & Scratch Ball Chaser

Petstages Kitty Camo Coil Retreat provides a safe and secure sanctuary for resting and observing. It’s a perfect spot for cats to relieve their natural need for a safe retreat.

Petstages Kitty Camo Coil Retreat

Petlinks Laser Beam Pointer is a fun and interactive laser toy that keeps cats entertained and active.

Petlinks Laser Beam Pointer

Petstages Catnip Chaser fits in the palm of your hand and turns on with a simple push of the button so you can enjoy an interactive play session with your furbaby.

Petstages Catnip Chaser

Petstages Grass Patch Hunting Box combines hunting fun with a touch of nature. Faux grass on the top is great for scratching, hunting and lounging. Watch your kitty discover more holes on the side for more hunting opportunities!

Petstages Grass Patch Hunting Box

Petstages Kitty Roll Kicker Track addresses your cats’ urge to “bunny-kick,” push and play. To keep the fun rolling, there’s a ball track filled with catnip for even more playtime fun.

Petstages Kitty Roll Kicker Track

  1. For the Lazy Kitty

For the lazy felines who don’t give a fur, entice their play and hunting instincts to help keep them active and moving.

For the Lazy Kitty

Kookamunga Crazee Kitty Catnip has 100-percent pure and natural catnip herbs. Cats will love the interactive fun these bubbles provide.

Kookamunga Crazee Kitty Catnip

Spot Mini Teaser Wands are designed to appeal to your cat's natural instinct for play and exercise. It consists of a wand with a long bungee cord for interactive fun. The different characters, feathers and strings are sure to keep your cat healthy and happy.

Spot Mini Teaser Wands

Four Paws Catnip Spray can be sprayed on toys, scratching posts, and other objects. No messy powder to get on your carpet! It hold a cat’s attention and adds fun to playtime using the natural extract from catnip plants.

Petstages Cat Scratcher Snuggle Rest features a sturdy, basic hammock that’s sure to be your kitty’s favorite perch and scratching post. Corrugate material is great for scratching, and encourages felines to scratch their own furniture, not yours. Best of all, it’s infused with catnip, so your kitty will love the scent!

Petstages Cat Scratcher Snuggle Rest

Designed with comfortable lounging, Petstages Invironment Hammock Scratcher can help address your cat's instinctual needs. The sturdy frame supports kitty, and the corrugated “bowl” is a great space for resting, curling, or scratching. The surface works like a nail file to help safely and easily trim nails and enhance nail health.

Aspen Bed Animal Print is equipped with raised sides that help promote the nesting instinct and reduce exposure to drafts. It is filled with high-loft, recycled polyester fiber fill that will make cats feel like they are on cloud nine. 

Petstages Invironment Hammock Scratcher

All year round, cats will love everything about the presents you buy them, including the box you wrap it in! But it would be great to give them something extra special for Christmas. Cats may not understand what the holiday fuss is all about, but making them feel loved and appreciated through your fun gifts is what matters the most.


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