What Your Feline Needs to Live their Best Life


Feed an all-natural diet.

When it comes to feeding your feline, you’d only want to give them the best natural cat food they deserve.

Check out our list of the top cat food brands in the Philippines and what makes each different to help narrow down your choices: Best All-Natural Cat Food Brands

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Preventive care.

Annual vet visits, vaccinations, dental care, and giving supplements can keep your cat free of unwanted health issues, like dental disease, heartworm, flea-related diseases and tick-borne illnesses which can lead to serious health problems.

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Pamper your cat.

Brushing or combing daily will cut down on the hairballs that can develop in the digestive tract. Give them sprays for those who dislike baths and trim their claws to keep scratch marks at bay.

Watch our D-I-Y Pet Grooming Tips from Head to Tail.


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Keep Life Interesting.

Because cats get bored easily with their toys, rotate new toys every 1 to 2 weeks. Harness train your cat so he can venture outdoors or provide interactive toys and scratch posts to keep them stimulated so they don’t get into mischief.

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Give cats their personal space and essentials.

Competition among cats in the same house is one of the most common causes for behavioral problems. Make sure your kitty has a special area to call their own with food and water and a cozy bed.

Here’s our recommended list for the must-haves for each cat: 10 Must-Haves For Your New Furbaby  

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Follow litter box rules.

As a general rule, there should be 1 litter box per cat plus 1 extra, all placed in private, low-traffic areas around your house.

Read up on these litter box tips to prevent behavioral issues such as urine marking or defecating outside the box: Choosing the Right Litter and Litter Box


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