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Rainy Days are When Pets Stay Inside to Play!

When warm, sunny, and breezy outdoor days aren’t an option for your pets regular play time and exercise schedules, try these fun and creative games for your furbabies! Have your camera at the ready, as your furbaby will surely do something super adorable, worth documenting and sharing with your friends on how you spent your rainy day.

Sniff and Seek

Get Fido moving by placing their favorite objects hidden underneath boxes around your home. Place a treat, their favorite toy, a chew bone, and any object that they enjoy, underneath these boxes. Establish the game by showing your dog the box and placing a treat underneath it. They will likely push over the box to get the treat. Take your pet within the vicinity of the next hidden box, and let them sniff and work their way around boxes to get their hidden treats!


Stairway Dash

If you have a stairwell in your house, this is an excellent place to get your furbabies cardio in. For dogs, simply get them to fetch, as your toss a ball up or down the stairs. For cats, turn on their hunter instincts and dangle their favorite chew toy, such as a chew rat, from a long string and rod (think fishing pole), and move up and down the stairs allowing your cat to maneuver through the steps and chase it.



Whether your cat loves it, or hates it, pick a toy that they really revel in chewing, scratching and chasing. Tie it to some string and raise it into the air, so that your cat will have to pounce to be able to get to it. Ensure that your cat has adequate launching and landing space, as they may get too excited, and fly into some furniture or a breakable item. A little extra tip to get kitty into the game, play with them during the early evening as this is the time when cats instinctively go hunting.






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