Because there’s no age limit on giving your pet all the best things in life, here is a list of things you need to keep your senior cat healthy and happy all throughout their years.


Feed an all-natural diet

When it comes to feeding your feline, you’d only want to give them the best natural cat food they deserve. You can also check out this blog for a list of the top all-natural cat food brands in the Philippines and what makes each different to help narrow down your choices: Best All-Natural Cat Food Brands


Soft and Sumptuous Meals

Senior pets with dental disease may have difficulty chewing dry food, so you may need to switch to a softer canned food.

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Keep Them Young At Heart with Senior Formulas

Senior cat foods contain fewer calories, helping your pet to maintain their optimum body weight as their activity levels drop.


Comfy Beds for Aging Joints

Orthopedic pet beds may help keep your pet comfortable and relieve pressure on the joints.


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Give them a Step-Up

If your cat likes to spend time in a window, chair, or bed, consider building or purchasing pet stairs or ramps to make life easier.

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Brushing Tools of the Trade

Superb self-groomers also need help sometimes. De-shedding and brushing are necessary steps to prevent both hairballs and dust bunnies.


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Warm and cozy toys

Cats appreciate extra heat sources as they age, so microwavable plush toys are a good substitute if you’re not around to be a human heating pad.


Waterless Bath Solutions

If they get themselves dirty, you can use grooming wipes or a waterless cat shampoo.


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Snug & Stylish Wear

Cats like staying warm, so help keep your felines snug and comfortable with our stylish selections of cat shirts.


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Immune Boosting Supplements

Your senior cat may benefit from antioxidants, Omega-3, or glucosamine/chondroitin supplements to help improve their immunity and mobility, and keep them furever young at heart. 

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Prioritize Preventive Care

Annual vet visits, vaccinations, dental care, and giving supplements can keep your cat free of unwanted health issues, like dental disease, heartworm, flea-related diseases and tick-borne illnesses which can lead to serious health problems.


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