Help your senior dog maintain a healthy and happy life with these essentials:


All-Natural Nutrition

Your dog will have stronger immunity, more energy, and a better quality and longer life.

Not sure which type of food to buy? You can also check out this blog for a list of the top all-natural dog food brands in the Philippines and what makes each different to help narrow down your choices: Best All-Natural Dog Food Brands


Scrumptious Senior Nutrition

Senior dog food contains fewer calories, helping your pet to maintain their optimum body weight as their activity levels drop.

Evanger's Canned Dog Food Classic Senior

and Weight Management Dinner 12.6oz

Merrick Dry Dog Food Grain Free

Senior Chicken & Sweet Potato 4lbs



Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

Older dogs tend to sleep more. A soft and well-cushioned or orthopedic bed will keep your dog warm, support arthritic joints, and prevent calluses.


No More Accidents

Diapers aren’t just for babies, they’re great for travelling pets and senior pets who struggle with incontinence.

Simple Solution Disposable Diaper Medium 12ct


Let Ol’ Dogs Have Their Fun

Keep your buddy young at heart with engaging toys ideal for their reduced activity level as well as their aging teeth and joints.

Antlerchewz Seniorchewz


Give Them an Extra Layer of Love

For dogs that may tend to get cold easily, get them a stylish shirt that will help keep them warm and cozy.

Puppia Shirt Rescuer Orange Medium


Healthy and Happy Joints

Glucosamine Chondroitin helps keep hips & joints healthier, allowing your pet to run and play longer.

Buddy Biscuits Chews

Hip & Joint Chicken 5oz

Cloud Star Dynamo Dog Functional Chews

Hip & Joint with Bacon & Cheese 14oz


Socialize often.

Be sure they get enough people and animal interaction, not just in the early months but throughout their life to decreases the chances of antisocial or fearfully aggressive behaviors. Make sure to keep them leashed during first meetings for everyone’s safety


Exercise body and mind.

Keep your dog physically fit and mentally engaged by going on walks or giving fun and interactive toys that keep them busy and entertained.

Kong Toy Senior Kong Large