Are you bringing a new cat home for the first time? Here are some tips to follow so your kitty feels safe and secure right away.


Settling in a new kitten 

Bring your new kitten home at a time when you can spend a couple of days bonding with it. Bear in mind that it will be away from it’s mum and litter mates for the first time in its life, so create an environment in which it will feel calm and secure. For the first few days, do little beside sitting in the room with it, ideally at floor level, so the kitten can investigate and get to know you.  

Place the carrier in a quiet room and open the door. The kitten will probably observe its surroundings from the safety of the carrier.  

Give the kitten time to build up its confidence. It will come out of the carrier in its own time and start exploring the room.  

Your children will be excited about the new arrival. Allow them to help settle the kitten in , but make sure they maintain a calm, quiet demeanour 


Settling in an adult cat 

Coming from a rescue center or another family, an adult cat might find settling into your home as stressful as a kitten would. The same approach applies: do not force the cat out of the carrier, but let it come out on its own time and allow it to explore just one room at the start. Create a calm environment, with a couple of places for the cat to hide should it feel threatened or nervous. Get to know each other. 

Initiating contact – let the cat explore its surroundings without interference. Allow it to initiate contact with you, which it will do when it fees confident.  

Fearful beginnings – in new unfamiliar surroundings, a cat might display fearful behaviour, such as hiding under the bed, crouching low to the floor, or walking close to the walls. Do not add to its fear by trying to approach it. Give it time and patience.