Welcoming a new furbaby in your home is one of the most exciting moments your life. It will take a lot of patience and preparation but their unconditional love and loyalty will all be worth it. Here are some tips for welcoming your new furbaby into your home. 


Settling in a New Puppy 

Allow the pup to have a look around the house, so that it knows its new environment. Take the first few days of your puppy’s arrival at a slow pace, and be sure there’s always some human family member around to keep watch over the dog and help it feel safe and secure. 

If you intend to crate train your pup, use the crate form day one, so the dog becomes accustomed to it. 


Settling in An Adult Dog 

More often than not, this will be a rescue dog. You will probably visit it at the shelter several times before adopting it, allowing it to get used to you, and you will be given advice on how to behave when you bring it home. Adult dogs are, in some ways, easier to settle.  

An adult dog coming in to our life may be disoriented, not knowing why a change of home has happened. Talk to it gently to relax it, but allow it to come to you for attention. When it does, comfort it with touches.  


Settling in A Rescue Dog 

Some rescue dogs have known behavioural problems and will require different house rules. For example, you may want to keep a dog that suffers from separation anxiety in a bed beside you at night. Over time you should be able to move the bed away, a little at a time, out of your room and into the room where you want the dog to sleep.  

A rescue dog may not wish to be alone on its first night in a new home. If it seems stressed, allow it to sleep in a bed next to your bed.