Do you remember the first days with your new kitty? How they meow at you when they want to communicate, how they purr when you cuddle, and how they catch your foot while you’re walking. Those were the days that felt like forever. Continue making good memories and give them all the love and care they deserve. Celebrate their golden years by keeping them happy and healthy. Here are 7 ways to help them live their best life:


1. Feed them all-natural wet and dry food formulated for senior cats.

As they grow older, there are changes in their needs including the formulation of their meals.  


2. Give them supplements that could help boost their health.

Your cat needs proper nourishment on their overall health especially their joints. There are treat-like supplements that are complete with vitamins and minerals that are vital for senior cats.


3. Pamper them with a comfy bed.

Older cats often need more warmth and padding to stay cozy, so your home environment may benefit from some adjustments. Layer soft blankets or flannel sheets in favorite napping spots and add a folded sweatshirt or old sweater to plump up their bed.


4. Tickle their playful senses with toys.

Cats are natural born hunters. Exercise their senses by using lasers and teasers to bring in the fun for hours.


5. Watch their steps.

As cats progress into their senior years, it’s common for many of them to develop joint pain and problems, such as arthritis. It's actually not all that uncommon even for younger cats to develop and suffer from arthritis.


6. Scratch post is a must.

Scratching is great for your cat’s health. Not only does it keep their claws in proper shape, but it is great exercise and a good way to reduce stress. A healthy cat is a cat that can scratch without worry, and therefore it is important to have a post.


7. Don’t forget to cuddle.

There is nothing better than a warm cat cuddling on your lap while you relax on your couch. While cats have a reputation for being rather aloof and independent creatures and some are somewhat deserving of that reputation, many cats defy stereotype and love to cuddle with their owners.