Watching your beloved pet sleep in peace and bliss is such a moment of happiness. You, too, know how rest and relaxation is so important to recover from the day full of activities. The same goes for your furry friend—a snooze sesh is refreshing after you’ve played all day long with them!


Contrary to what most people believe, though, sleeping isn’t a one size fits all. We should all key in the quality of sleep they lock in every night, and it’s affected my other factors, including their bedding! Don’t make your dog or cat just sleep on the floor, as it increases the chances of damaged joints. Like humans, our canine and feline friends would appreciate a comfortable place to lay their bodies at.


With the different types of beds available in the market specially made for pets, how do we know which one is the best for them? We list them down and put in our verdict—so read on and find if your pup or kitten, adult or senior pet should be in a lowkey pillow setting, or are thermal pads a better choice.


Pillow Beds

This kind of pet bed is a no-brainer option. It’s easy to purchase, store, and have your pet lay on. Not to mention, there are lots of cute designs to choose from! Adult dogs would love to take naps in pillow beds, thus we recommend getting one that would fit the size of your four-legged buddy. It’s best for comfort, so your pet can sleep in luxury, plus lots of room to stretch. Try the Snoozy Cat Bed or Midwest Homes for Pets Quiet Time Beds/Fleece Bed when getting a bed for your youngster!



Cuddler Beds

For pets who love to snuggle, cuddler beds are recommended. This type of bed are ones with a raised side, so they can curl and rest their head to feel more secure with their bedding. Puppies and kittens would benefit most in cuddler beds, as they can hide and feel cozy within their safe spot. Tall Tails carries bolster beds that your pet will surely love to cuddle in!



Orthopedic Beds

When your pet has been with you for a long time and is reaching their senior years, it’s best to switch to orthopedic beds. This type is made from high quality cushion designed to conform to your pet’s body, preventing dislocations in the long run. The added support and optimal comfort is perfect for an aging dog or cat, and even pets who suffer from injuries! The Midwest Homes for Pets Orthopedic bed is a great pick!



Heated Beds for Cats

Cats prefer warmer sleeping environments than people, so pick a soft, comfy cat bed that retains heat well. The Dallas hooded cat bed is made with a thermal fleece sleep area for a warm slumber. It also comes with a built in toy to entice a little playtime between naps.