Our pets are excited for every activity they do every day, like play time, a walk in the park time, or even training time! But we, pet parents, can collectively agree that what our pets are most thrilled about is—you guessed it—meal time! There’s nothing like the sight of your pet, eager and delighted for the food they are about to consume—and given by you. And the most relishing moment for us is watching them enjoy their food and empty out their bowls. Makes us proud to raise such a good boy or girl, yes?



But if you didn’t know yet, the type of feeding bowl you choose matters! Sure, you can just easily select one of the dish containers from the pet store aisle. You have to consider, though, that it affects the whole feeding experience of your furry baby. Depending on what kind of eater your pet is, check out these pointers when shopping for feeding bowls. Find the perfect match with this list!


  1. Material preference is important. Plastic, ceramic, or steel? A quick to find piece are the plastic ones, although they are least recommended as bits of plastic can be ingested by your dog or cat, especially if the bowl has been their feeding container for a while and their chewing has caused some scratches and shreds. Ceramic bowls, on the other hand, are sturdier and steadier options, but low-quality ones may contain substances that could be harmful for your pet. Make sure that if you choose a ceramic bowl, it is made of high quality and durable materials. Then there are steel bowls, which are most recommended by vets for its durability and easy sanitation. Just watch out for enthusiastic eaters who may push and knock over their steel bowls. It is recommended to have non-skid bottoms for their food and water bowls so avoid any messes.



Tall Tails Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

Spot Cat Hungry Bowl


  1. Choose to go high or low. When your pet eats, their eating posture could be an issue—or so you think. Not all the time! For young pets, bowls on the floor are okay—same goes for adult pets. Consider getting a raised feeder for your senior dogs, as the added height will give them a more stable and comfortable stance during mealtime.

Spot Mediterranean Stainless Steel Double Diner


  1. Observe their eating pace. There are pets that gorge on their food like there’s no tomorrow, while there are more laidback ones that take their time in chewing what’s in their bowl. For the former, you can opt for food puzzles to slow their pace down. These kinds of bowls help prevent overeating and bloating.


Outward Hound Fun Feeder


Once you had it all sorted out and chose the right bowl for your pet, the most important thing to keep in mind is hygiene. Make sure to clean the container every end of the day, if pet is fed with dry food, or after every meal, if given wet food. Their health is still our top priority—and we know you only want what’s best for your beloved pet!