Dog walking is an essential exercise that is beneficial for both pets and pet parents. Get to know the best dog walking practices to make your walks enjoyable, pleasant and memorable for you and your furbaby by practicing these 6 easy dog walking tips.


Dog Walking Tip #1: Utilize a dog walking harness or a retractable leash for better control over his body when outdoors.

What’s so important about using a harness or a retractable leash? Oftentimes, we see pet parents strolling around with their pet, sometimes off leash. However, pets off leash should be watched with more intent even if he or she is used to just following his or her pet parent around. Dogs will be dogs and their instincts will kick in every once in a while. So, if your furbaby suddenly decides to run after a mouse instead of following you, it’ll be hard for you to control him or get his attention again.

So, a harness and a leash are essential to dog walking. A dog walking harness gives you greater control over your dog, and some might even say it’s better than a collar because it doesn’t pull and tug on your furbaby’s neck. Try using this Petsafe EasySport harness!


To match the harness, get a retractable leash to give you control over how far your furbaby can go.  


Dog Walking Tip #2: Carry a collapsible pet bowl for food and water.

Always be prepared by bringing a collapsible pet food bowl for food and water when dog walking, most especially if you’re planning to walk a long distance.

Collapsible bowls, like the Petmate Porta Le Bistro Waterer, are space savers and can easily packed away when your furbaby is done. So, while dog walking, don’t be complacent – keep an eye out and observe your furbaby to make sure he’s had enough food to eat and isn’t dehydrated. Is it hot? Is he losing his breath? The last thing you want is for your furbaby to weaken or collapse in the middle of the walk. Be alert and prepared at all times.

Petmate Porta Le Bistro Waterer


Dog Walking Tip #3: Bring waste bags and pick up after your pet.

Poop bags are a must. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Would you want to walk into a pile of poop randomly on the streets? The answer – 100% NO! Be mindful and considerate of other people by cleaning after your furbaby. It’s as simple as bringing eco-friendly poop bags like (brand) that make it easy to scoop the poop and throw it in the bin. The best part – you don’t get it on yourself. So, before you go dog walking, pack that poop bag dispenser.


Dog Walking Tip #4: Rewards with treats to reinforce good behavior when he's walking by your side.

When dog walking, your furbaby should walk alongside you or behind you. Believe it or not, being in front means that you’re the leader. So, if you’re furbaby walks in front of you, you give him the power to be the leader and to control the walk, which should never be the case. So, reward good behavior – when your furbaby walks alongside you or behind you, give that delicious treat so he’ll know he’s doing something right and will do it again. 


Dog Walking Tip #5: Know how far to go. Consider your dog's exercise needs, breed, age, health, and walking environment.

Knowing how long and how far you should go matters, but always consider how much exercise your furbaby needs, the breed, age, health and where you’re talking him. For example, furbabies with shorter legs tend to get more tired easily compared to dogs with longer legs, and the same goes for senior pets vs. younger pets. However, if the walking environment goes uphill, know that your furbaby will definitely get more tired than if it were a plane surface.

Source: @tianathewanderer

So, on average, how long does it take to walk a dog? Go a good distance to walk your dogthat’s at least 1 hour a day. Try either a straight hour or 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon. If your dog’s breed or exercise needs are greater, consider going for 1 hour and 30 minutes or 2 hours. Don’t worry, it’s good exercise for you too!


Dog Walking Tip #6: Have fun!

Just like anything you do on a regular basis, it can sometimes get stale or boring, so make it a habit to make dog walking fun for your furbaby, and of course, you, too! Choose to go the extra mile and bring toys to play fetch, tug and pull or frisbee. It can also be as simple as buying new accessories for your furbaby like a raincoat if it’s the rainy season or little boots to avoid puddles. How adorable would it be for your furbaby to go dog walking in shoes? You’ll be that duo turning heads at the park!


Practice these dog walking tips on a daily basis to make them a habit. It’s bonding experience that only you two share, so make it as enjoyable and memorable as possible. Now that you’re both ready for that walk, don’t forget to have fun!