You are what you eat, and the same goes for our pets. What our furry babies partake will reflect how they grow up to be, so we choose only the best kind of diet for them. From the choice of dog food to the type of exercise we engage them in, raising them the holistic way is necessary for a happy, healthy life.


But sometimes, these basics aren’t enough. Paw parents want the best for our little ones, so we up the ante when it comes to nourishing our pets. Good thing pet supplements are rising to popularity—we now have a solution to any dietary deficiency our pet may have. If giving supplements to your dog or cat is a new thing to you, here’s a handy guide on supplements you didn’t know your pet needs.


Best check with your vet before dosing them with any of the following. Remember, supplements are just an aid and don't substitute for real food. If given right, rest assured your canine or feline buddy’s health is at its optimum. Read on!


  1. Glucosamine and Chondroitin. As your pet ages, they also begin to experience some aging effects, like muscle and joint stiffness. The natural glucosamine levels of your pet, the substance responsible for tissue formation and repair, decreases in time. And to maintain a steady stance in the coming years, glucosamine supplements will now enter the picture. Not only will your pet feel better mobility, taking this will also help in reducing possible body pain. We recommend giving them hip & joint health supplements from Pet Naturals, Nootie Progility, or Dynamo Dog.


  1. Probiotics. If you love the effects of probiotics to you, your pet will surely benefit from this as well! Having these live microorganisms helping with their immune system and digestive track, especially the intestines, keep your pet from catching an illness as the ‘good bacteria’ fights the bad ones. Help prevent sickness early on with a daily intake of Pet Naturals Daily Probiotics, Bixbi Digestion or Ark Naturals Gentle Digest.


  1. Multivitamins. Its name says it all—it’s aimed to provide the necessary vitamins needed by one’s pet. While most pet food out in the market is balanced with proper nutrients needed by your dog or cat, pets who are fed with homemade food may require taking multivitamins to satisfy their daily nutritional requirements. Get them Pet Naturals Daily Multi or PetGuard Yeast & Garlic wafers the next time you hit the pet store!


  1. Digestive Enzymes. For dogs or cats with recurring digestive problems, digestive enzymes will be beneficial for their health. This supplement will assist in breaking down food that their natural enzymes can’t dissolve. Before a meal, have them take Super Snouts Pumpkin Latte or Diggin’ Firm Up to help their stomach loosen up.


  1. Essential Fatty Acids. It’s a sight to behold, seeing your pet with beautiful skin and coat! We can credit essential fatty acids for doing a job well done—these dietary fats are responsible for skin and coat health, immunity against diseases, improved cardiac conditions, and a lot more. If you feel like your pet is experiencing some lackluster, a dose of Pet Naturals Skin & Coat or Iceland Pure Salmon/Anchovy Oil may just do the trick, as omega-3 and -6 will help in this certain occurrence.