It’s that time of the year when you look best gifts for pampered pets and pet lovers like yourself. Looking for unique gifts for cats should not cause you much trouble, but if your cat is pampered one who already has everything, it might be a little bit trickier than usual. Best pet shops in the Philippines will carry a wide array of holiday gifts for pets, but if you can’t choose one, you can always create gift baskets your cat will love even more. To help you start your search for gifts for pampered pets like yours, here are a few items you can add to your list.


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Top Gifts for Pampered Cats

  1. Bed

Every cat wants personal space and a bed is the best way to provide just that. It’s your cat’s safe haven and something he can call his own.  

When choosing the right bed, think of where you and your cat want it in your home. If it’s not in your cat’s favorite spot, chances are, he won’t sleep on it.  There are also some characteristics you need to look out for, namely: size, features, quality and ease of cleaning.

If your cat suffers from arthritis, it might be worth purchasing an orthopedic bed to help ease the pain and difficulty of moving. It’s always best to choose a good quality bed you and your cat can depend on to last and solve his needs.

  1. Catnip

More than just a delicious treat, catnip is one of the top pet products that can be inserted into toys or sprayed onto toys, scratching posts or any other objects you want your cat to play with. Catnip also enhances playtime to make it interactive and fun!

  1. Scratching

Cats scratch as part of their basic instincts, and do it for various reasons such as to exercise, mark their territory, remove their outer nail sheaths and do not have the proper outlets for scratching. This behavior could vary with two things: texture and location. Some cats develop a knack for some textures and they don’t care if you bought it for a huge sum of money! While some cats scratch based on where they spend a lot of time.

Good thing there is a solution that can avoid the destruction of your favorite clothes and furniture – scratching posts and scratching pads. These are rough textured objects that are dedicated to help satisfy your cat’s urge to scratch.

  1. Interactive Toys

There are many ways you can get your cat to stay healthy and active, like playing and learning new tricks, and interactive toys can help make these happen. Interactive toys come in different varieties like dancer toys, cat wands, mazes and playgrounds.

It’s difficult to leave your pet, and even a short while will feel longer. How long is too long to leave your pet alone? To help ease your mind, cat dancer toys are here to help. This can be used to entertain your cat even while you’re away.

If you want your cat to jump, run and pounce while you exert minimal effort, then a teaser wand is the perfect gift! It’s a typical wand, except it’s better and more exciting. Imagine a stick-like wand with a long string and a toy on the opposite end of the string. The toy can range from feathers and bells among other things. Your goal is to get your cat to catch the toy dangling from the string at any height or distance, depending on what you want.

Mazes are perfect if you have more than one cat. Its cylindrical in shape, with two open ends and one or more openings on top. They can play hide and seek as if they were cats from back in the day, hunting and chasing their prey. Inside the maze, movement becomes unpredictable and yet, a feeling of safety. Don’t fret if you only have one cat because you can combine the maze with the cat want, which will act as your cat’s prey.  

Playground, a multi-functional toy, where your cat can rest and play. The playground usually contains boxes, mazes and different leveled boards to make playtime fun and challenging. This will stimulate your cat’s mind, engage his senses and ease his boredom, especially while you’re away.

Cat toys for sale in the Philippines should include all these in their list of top products for pets this holiday season. Keep an eye out to snag the best ones for your furbaby!

  1. Litter Essentials

The best part of owning a cat is that they are trained by their mothers to urinate and defecate in a litter box. The litter is used to absorb and mask the odor of urine or feces. It’s best to complete your furbaby’s litter essentials if your pet is a pampered one and stays indoors.

Opt for the best all-natural litter you can find and pair it with accessories like stain and odor removers, a litter scooper, litter dome, cat litter tray, and cat litter rug your furbaby can wipe his paws on when he’s done with his business. This may not seem like the most fun gifts, but your cats love to be clean and I’m sure they’ll appreciate this practical gift. If you put these together, you can create gift baskets your cat will love.


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Make this holiday season one to remember with your furbaby. With a range of top pet products to choose from, you’ll definitely find gifts for your cat. Visit the best pet shop in the Philippines today to get to avoid the Christmas rush! Check out our online store on Facebook and shop for your furbaby today!

Happy Holidays!