The top pet products will be all over town and it’s up to you to choose the best gifts for pets and pet lovers like yourself this holiday season. A pampered dog like yours will probably have just about all the basic things he needs, and if he doesn’t, now is your time to give the pampering he deserves. To help you start things off, here are the best dog gifts you can buy, as well as a few dog gift ideas for dog owners too.


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Top Gifts for Pampered Dogs This Christmas

  1. Agility toys

Agility toys are also known as performance toys that encourage pet parents and their dogs to live an active and healthy lifestyle in mind and body. These toys come in various shapes and sizes to suit the kind and level of activity your dear furbaby needs. Your dog will definitely enjoy being around toys that fly, float and tumble, for as long as you’re there to enjoy it with him.

Your furbaby doesn’t just want to play, they want you to play with him too. For example, pet parents can use agility kits to challenge and stimulate both the mind and body of their furbaby.

Agility kits present a variety of obstacles wherein both pet parents and the dog interact in playtime. Dogs are required to differentiate their parent’s commands while using their natural problem-solving skills. When preparing such obstacles, remember to note the size and breed of your dog to make sure that his exercise is up to par with his needs.

Exercising using agility toys is not only the gift of fun and health to your furbaby but yourself too. It gets you moving even on your laziest days because your furbaby is dependent on you to stay healthy and active.


  1. Interactive toys

As your furbaby grows up, he will need different interactive toys to help engage him in playtime. Choose quality interactive toys that will stimulate both your dog’s mind and body; are durable and will enrich your bonding experience.

There are a variety of classic toys that dogs can simply play with like plush toys that can withstand tough play, and other all-natural rubber toys. Some toys give pet parents the option to stuff the toy with kibble or treats to attract dogs to play. It’s important that the toys you choose are durable because play time can sometimes be rough and tough.

What’s also tough is leaving your dog home alone. One hour will feel like five, and five will probably feel like ten hours. How long is too long? To entertain your dog, provide dog toys for when he’s home alone by buying one with a game feature.

These toys require the dog to perform a specific activity before releases a treat or kibble. With kibble and treats used as motivation, you can count on your dog because there’s no task too difficult if you’re getting that oh-so-delicious treat as a reward.


  1. Travel Essentials

During the holiday season, we go on trips that require a lot of preparation. Whether you are simply going your hometown or taking a breather and visiting a new place, do not forget your furbaby and his very own travel essentials.

Are you thinking of going to the beach or going to a poolside hangout? Make your dog wear a life jacket just in case he falls or is brave enough to enter the water. This is a must-wear for those who can and cannot swim! Plus, these provide easy and convenient protection, provide high visibility colors and multiple reflective strips. Helps you keep tabs on your furbaby, but don’t let him go too far from you!  

Let’s not forget food! Food is essential, and packing the right amount is especially important when you’re going on a trip. Remember, there won’t many options once you’re on the road or up in the air!

One of the best dog gifts is a practical one - a food container, to keep food fresh and sanitized. Airtight storage containers are good for long trips and save you the risk of exposing the food to air and pests.

Carrying or walking your dog is impractical for long trips. Crowded places may challenge you to find the right spots to pass and keep your dog behaved. That’s why it’s important to keep your dog in a crate. It serves as a place your furbaby can call his own, as well as to control his behavior and prevent him from making a mess. When choosing your crate, get one that provides enough room for him to stretch around. If it’s too big, it won’t be as safe and secure as you’d want it to be.

Other travel essentials include accessories. Purchase durable pet accessories in the Philippines’s best shops like leashes, collars and many more. These will make your travels a lot easier and smoother. The best part about this is that you can use it even after your travels.


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  1. Dog Beds

You’ll thank yourself for making this purchase because you’ll have more space on your bed for yourself! Like you, your pampered dog would want and appreciate his own space from all the chaos. Pet shops in the Philippines carry a variety of beds to suit the needs of your furbaby. When choosing a bed, consider your furbaby’s size and weight, and if he has any illnesses. For example, if your furbaby suffers from arthritis, it would be best to choose a good quality orthopedic bed to provide extra comfort and support.


  1. Grooming Essentials

Your furbaby won’t show his appreciation for grooming essentials like shampoo, conditioner, sprays or brushes, but he’ll definitely thank you for it one day. Things like taking good care of your furbaby’s skin and coat, as well as oral health are important when grooming.

Dogs who have thicker coats need good quality shampoo and brushes. Don’t forget to consider your furbaby’s skin and coat needs to match these with the best gentle and chemical free products available.  

One of the most difficult things you need to do as a pet parent is to brush your dog’s teeth. It seems like no matter how many times you do it, they just can’t get used to it. The good news is there are gels dedicated to remove tartar, reverse gum disease and freshen breath. And the best part – you don’t have to brush his teeth. Wait until your furbaby hears about this, he’ll probably beg you for it!


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As the top pet products scatter around pet shops and bazaars, make sure to choose the best dog gifts according to your dog’s needs and what he enjoys the most. This way, you can give lasting gifts that fill yours and your dog’s hearts with happiness during this joyful season. Check out our online store on Facebook and shop for your furbaby today!

Happy holidays!