Why Your Pet Needs Walks


The sun is up, and you’re getting ready for the day. After having a quick breakfast, you find your pet and prepare him for a walking session outdoors. You feel the excitement as you attach his collar and leash, and in a few minutes, you’re outside—it’s definitely a good day!



Squeezing some time for pet walking is as important as meals or bathtime for your furry bestfriend. Apart from basking in sunshine that we get to enjoy all year round, the benefits we get from this activity are massive for both you and your pet. Getting on your feet to roam around the neighborhood is a good form of exercise, but here are more perks to convince you why it’s necessary!


  1. Walking prevents obesity. One of the most common problems of pet owners is overweight pets. Devouring too much food on their bowl increases body fat, and without physical activity, your pet is on high risk of obesity. And when a pet is obese, it’s more likely for them to develop illnesses such as heart disease and hypertension. So movement is important—start small with at least 30 minutes of brisk walking and burn those excess fats on the daily!


  1. Walking helps with mental stimulation. When you walk your dog or cat, it works their minds, too! Getting that much-needed walk avoids boredom, thus veering them away from the development of bad behaviors like chewing and digging. It keeps them occupied and focused, sharpening your pet’s brain!


  1. Walking is a great training opportunity. With both their minds and bodies on the move, it’s the perfect chance to teach them tricks! In the beginning, try going for simple commands like, ‘Stay’ or ‘Sit,’ then progress further as in later weeks!


  1. Walking lets them engage in their environment. Bringing your pet outside for a stroll familiarizes them with their surroundings. Let them sniff around and enjoy the outdoors. Let them meet other pets and socialize! It will definitely improve how them react and interact with the world—from nature to humans and to their own kind.


  1. Walking makes you closer. Take walking your dog or your cat as a pleasurable activity to form a lasting bond. Sure, you play with them at home and feed them treats they like, but nothing beats the experience of treading the streets and discovering sights—together.


Now that you’ve read up on the benefits of pet walking, it’s time to get started! Whether you’re a new pet parent or have raised 10 pets for years, consider these three things before you and your pet step out of the house.


Start them young. A good time to form the habit of walking is when your dog or cat is still young. Consult with your vet first if your pet is ready to greet the outside world through walking. The perfect age is the time when their bodies can protect themselves from illnesses they can easily catch.


Get them good quality pet wear for a comfortable walk. Apart from a collar, an ID tag, and a leash, consider purchasing a harness for better support. A good fitting harness reduces strain on the neck and back as it spreads the pressure over a larger area of your pet’s body. We recommend Petsafe Easysport harness and Puppia Harness for your dogs and Petsafe Come With Me Kitty harness for your cats!


Build the routine up daily. For starters, half an hour of walking your pet is enough to introduce this physical activity. As you go further into weeks and months, check if you can adjust them to 60 to 90 minutes at max. Don’t forget to monitor your pet’s behaviors during your walk, and take breaks as necessary. And most importantly, have fun with your pet!