Simple Solution Washable Male Wrap Small

The super absorbent core of Simple Solution washable male dog diapers is specifically designed to lock in moisture within the belly bands. With the stretch waistband protection of the wrap, your male dog can move around with ease while staying dry. Designed with your dog's fur in mind, each wrap stays in place using fur-friendly fasteners that keep the diaper from slipping off your male dog. These fasteners keep your dog's fur from sticking to the folds of the wrap, so attaching and removing the wrap is safe and easy. Simple Solution Washable Male Wraps are made with leak-proof liner, which protects your male dog's skin and coat, will give you peace of mind no matter where you go. Simple Solution Male dog belly bands come with new repositionable tabs for a secure fit. These washable male dog wraps feature soft, breathable stretch fabric that fits comfortably around your pet.

Simple Solution Male Wraps (size: SMALL) are best for dogs with a waist size range of 12 to 14 Inches. Please measure your dog's waist at the base of the back legs to ensure a proper fit.