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How To Make Your Cats Get Along

Cats are known as territorial species since they are great hunters in the wild. They do not like to share they shelter and food which explains how they fight with other cats around them. As pet parents, we would like to adopt more cats as our companions. If you have more than one cat, your pals may have a hard time sharing your home, and this could result in aggressive behavior like hissing, swatting, chasing, and even full-on attacks. Often, one cat will be the aggressor and will present a stiff, straight-legged posture, upright ears, and constricted pupils. Meanwhile, the less dominant cat will crouch, tuck their head, curl their tail, and have flattened ears with dilated pupils.


1. Give them separate beds

They love to mark their territory by rubbing their body and leaving their scent on a certain place. Once they have separate beds, they will feel that they already have their own. 


2. Prepare multiple food bowls

Separate your kitty's food bowls by a few feet. Sometimes cats simply cannot withstand the allure of another bowl of food right next to theirs, even if it holds the same exact food. By putting a bit of space between each bowl, your cats aren't right next to one another and may be satisfied with leaving each other's food alone. Always keep an eye on both cats to make sure they're not sneaking bites of each other's food.


3. Stay on top of urine marking

Some cats mark their territory by spraying everything in your house. Wipe the spot with the right odor remover to keep them from marking the same place and keep your home clean.



4. Give them equal attention

Make sure to give them the attention they need! Refrain from making them feel abandoned and neglected or else, they will be more aggressive not only to other cats but also to you. They might hiss, scratch, bite or attack you for being stressed out. Try to snuggle, pet, or play with them to ease their anxiety. They just need some reassurance from their loving owner.

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