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How To Manage Your Pets' Weight

Does your pet weighs more than before? There are several factors why they are gaining more than we thought. Yes, number one factor is the owner. We tend to feed them more human food, treats, and kibbles because we love them that much but it’s taking its toll on their health. Too much love will kill you, isn’t it? We have to control ourselves not to overindulge our pets.


Portion control is the key

Knowing the correct serving size of food for your overweight dog is imperative for success. Companies often place information on labels or include charts on their web sites. But because many variables, such as size, are factored into the equation, get advice from your veterinarian on how often and how much to feed your dog.


Put your pet on a diet

It is best to put your pet on a diet. Measure the amount of kibbles you give each meal to ensure that you give the right amount of calories. There are limited pet food variants available in the market specifically for overweight pets. They usually provide the feeding information on the packaging which pet parents can easily follow.


Don’t give in to begging

Your furbaby might give you the puppy and kitty eyes but you have to stay strong! You should not give in on their begging tactics since it will never lead them good. Ignoring them once in a while will make them think that you will never share your food with them. Keep ignoring for their good health.


Make the switch

It’s time to go to your local pet food store. Make sure to check the packaging labels to monitor what are the ingredients and nutrition facts before you checkout. There are pet food that are formulated specifically for overweight pets like Natural Balance Fat Dogs and Fat Cats.




Exercise your pet!

It will never be easy for you and your pet but exercising is also the key to slim them down. Enjoy the time by taking them out of the house and run a few laps around your neighborhood. It’s a great bonding time and cardio workout for the both of you.


Still not losing? Seek for Your Veterinarian's Advice

With all the efforts from changing diets and exercise, your pet still doesn’t lose a pound, it’s better to bring them to your veterinarian to have them checked. Too much weight could lead them to several diseases



Overweight Dogs: Weight Loss and Management (

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